Reduce, reuse, pre-cyle?

23 Sep

The interweb has been replete lately with articles on how to reduce, reuse and recycle — or even, um, sort of “pre-cycle” — wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

In July, Jennifer Saranow Schultz explored the pre-sale trend wherein brides are starting to sell their dresses before they wear them.  Using traditional bridal consignment sites, brides are considering the pre-sale as part of staying within budget.  One bride describes her choice this way:

Kourtney James, 30, a lawyer in Houston, had budgeted about $1,500 for a dress but fell in love with an Angel Sanchez strapless gown that cost $3,300. Now Ms. James, who is paying for her wedding with her fiancé, hopes to sell the dress for $1,650 before her August wedding. “If I can secure a buyer before the wedding occurs, it takes a lot of the pressure off,” Ms. James said.

A used dress generally sells for about 50 percent off retail, whether sold before or after the wedding. But brides see an advantage to selling before the wedding because the styles are still current and other brides often can try on the same dress in stores. That, they say, enhances the likelihood of a quick sale.

Of course, ya gotta be careful with that white dress.  No dust bunnies or smushed mellowcreme pumpkins in one’s train (we digress: this is a pre-wedding pre-worry).  You’d need to avoid red wine like you would a champagne hangover and threaten one’s new lifelong partner with sudden death if one drop of delicious buttercream strays from its fork-to-mouth course.

Like this couple.

We were glad to see that the folks at MSN Money thought it was worth talking ’bout, too.  They wisely noted that frugality doesn’t a hit reality show make.  True.  Sigh.  Oh, well. We think saving money and being a not-crazy-person are both cool things.

Schultz noted that some sites are starting to focus on bridesmaid dresses and other wedding sundries.  Does anyone have any experience with pre-selling bridesmaid dresses? Was it awesome? Way too complicated?  We’d love your comments!


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