Lavender, lapis, plum: Oh My!

11 Oct

Back in 2008, there were rumblings of a new love affair with this most royal of hues.  Of models and humans alike strutting proudly in garments dipped in this most dashing of dyestuffs. Whether you like lapis, are partial to plum, go gaga for eggplant, what’s not to love about a color that walks in to a room and announces, “Why yes – in fact, I am here today!”

Can it work in a wedding?  Do bridesmaids carry bouquets?  Does everyone envy the flower girl who remains the cutest person in the room even if she sprints down the aisle, cries when she gets there or goes to sit with her mom?  You get my drift.

Today in the Bridesmaid Trade Test Kitchen, we’re cooking up a Great Idea.   We’re taking an fab suggestion from those Top Chefs over at The Knot about how to have a beautiful wedding with happy bridesmaids.  Here goes!

1. Choose one great color. Say, purple.  Need inspiration? More inspiration?

2. Add a generous helping of your favorite leading ladies.

3. Make them the happiest bridesmaids on the block by saying “Ladies: Find a dazzling dress in a shade of purple that makes you feel like dancing.  Wear it in my wedding.”

4. Mix well.

5. Seal those wedding invitations with their tears of joy.

Let’s get you started on step 3 with some lovely frocks from Bridesmaid Trade!



Let us know what you think!


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