DIY: Gorgeous Wedding Hair without the Hair-Raising Prices

12 Oct

While entrusting your tresses to a professional can seem the safest way to avoid a bad hair day on the big day, don’t underestimate your hairstyling skills, ladies! We’ve been teasing, braiding, curling, straightening, and twirling our hair since the days of our first slumber party, so why not save some money and claim some bragging rights on the wedding day? The resources listed at the end of this post are great online tools for creating wedding day dos! And unless you’re a member of Lady Gaga’s bridal party, sometimes a simple, elegant hairstyle is the best option, and one that can easily be achieved without professional aid.

But just because you’re doing-it-yourself, doesn’t mean you should go without advice! With some help from the pros over at Do It Yourself Weddings, we’re providing you with the DIY hairstyling tips needed to achieve the perfect look.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Athletes practice before big games, singers practice before big performances, and do-it-yourself hairstylists should most definitely practice before the big day! Have at least one trial run before the wedding so that you can master the technique of the style you want to achieve and work out any kinks so that it’s smooth sailing at the wedding.
  • The early bird gets the worm—and has flat hair by the reception. Don’t do your hair more than a few hours before the wedding. Ever notice how after a night of dancing your hair never looks quite as good as when you first styled it? The same law applies here, and no amount of hairspray will change that. To ensure your hair hasn’t drooped or fallen flat before the “I do”s are even exchanged, plan ahead to do your hair within a few hours of go-time.
  • Before the dress, think zip-up, button-down, or robe. Have you ever tried to take off a t-shirt without messing up a freshly styled hairdo? It’s hard. Don’t attempt it on the big day. While doing your hair, make sure you wear an article of clothing that can be removed without pulling it over your head so that you don’t risk messing up your hair.
  • Keep accessories in mind. When deciding on wearing your hair up or down, consider your earrings. If you want to show them off, you mightoptfor an up-do. Also consider any hair accessories you might be wearing. If you want to take your empowered role as a do-it-yourselfer to the next level, you may want to make your own hair accessories. The Broke Ass Bride has some easy-to-make ideas that can really take your hairdo to thenext level!
  • It all comes back to the dress! (Doesn’t it always?) When deciding on a hairstyle, the dress must be a huge consideration. So before you even think about how to wear your hair, find the perfect dress at Bridesmaid Trade! Does it have an elaborate neckline or stunning back? Consider an up-do so that your hair doesn’t cover the dress or take away from its key details. Maybe it’s a strapless dress that beautifully shows off your shoulders and collarbone. If so, accentuate your good features and also opt for a chic bun or other such stylish up-do. A dress with a simple neckline could be the perfect opportunity to showcase your lovely locks and wear your hair down.

Step-by-step tutorials can be found to help you achieve almost any hairstyle. The following are great resources:

  • Johnny Lavoy, hairstylist for Ford Models, has a series of instructionalvideos for gorgeous ‘dos. Here are a few of his most wedding-worthy styles: Half-Up Half-DownBraided Ribbon Up-DoSupermodel Curls
  • Modern features a Step-by-Step section with a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from—simple up-dos, loose curls, and even some wackier trends incase you are, in fact, attending Lady Gaga’s wedding.
  • Hairstyles features step-by-step instructions with pictures, perfect for bridesmaids.
  • Michael Angelo’s Chignon Bun –stylist Michael Angelo showsyou how to make a simple, elegant bun in this video tutorial.
  • Pin-up Hair Tutorials includes instructional videos for wearing your hair down or half-down.
  • Cosmo has a section of their website for how-to hair styles. The instructions aren’t as visual as other sites, but if you’re looking to emulate the hairdos of your favorite celebrities, this is a great start.

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