“Color Runs”: Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box

19 Oct

When deciding on a color theme for bridesmaid dresses, a bride-to-be has more to consider than simply hmm, what’s my favorite color? Not only should the wedding party’s attire traditionally be coherent with the overall ceremony and reception color palette, but the body shape, skin tone, and hair coloring of the bridesmaids should be kept in mind as well. And that gorgeous shade of pale pink, which may look stunning on your maid of honor, could be an unflattering choice for your fair-skinned, blonde bridesmaid. A possible solution can be found in the growing trend of a bridesmaid dress “color run.” As mentioned by Bridesmaid 101, with a color run, each bridesmaid wears the same dress (or same style of dress), but in a different color.

While there should still be some theme or coherence to the colors—you certainly don’t want clashing shades next to each other on the big day—a color run allows for some flexibility in matching each bridesmaid with a flattering dress. So how do you pair the perfect color with a bridesmaid’s skin tone? A seasonal color analysis is a fun, simple way to sort the flattering from unflattering. TheChicFashionista provides a detailed description of the logic behind such an analysis, as well as provides the following chart for easily determining if you’re a “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” or “Autumn.”

Once you’ve figured out your season, it’s time to explore your best colors! The concept behind the seasonal analysis is that a “Winter” will look best in cool, clear, dark “winter” colors, whereas a “Summer” will look best in “summer” colors (think pastels or muted shades). Style Makeover HQ provides these great color swatches for easily spotting your season’s best hues:

Winter Colors:                                                     Spring Colors:

Summer Colors:                                                  Autumn Colors:


If you’re considering a color run, Bridesmaid Trade makes finding dresses easy with search options by color, as well as by style. We know that on the big day, it all comes down to the lady in white, but that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids shouldn’t be looking their best! And, as put by Creators.Com writer Amy Winter, in an article for Leader Post, “Bridesmaids can monitor cost better if they are given the opportunity to pick their own dresses.” A win-win for all, color runs are a fun idea for flattering each bridesmaid and breaking away from the traditional monochromatic bridal party attire.


2 Responses to ““Color Runs”: Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box”

  1. Michelle October 22, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    Although still somewhat uncommon, I personally really like the color run trend. It makes a wedding a little less cookie cutter and gives bridesmaids a chance to have a bit more of a say in what they’re wearing.


  1. A Dress of Honor for the Maid of Honor « Bridesmaid Trade Blog - December 2, 2010

    […] Dec If you recall last month’s blog post on Color Runs, it’s not uncommon to ditch the monochromatic bridesmaid dress theme in favor of individualizing […]

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