Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid

1 Nov

If you love free goodies, winning, and Twitter, then you will love November with Bridesmaid Trade! In celebration of the many women who have poured love, sweat, and tears into helping their best friends make the dream of their big day possible, we are holding Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid all month. We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite Etsy vendors to feature a fantastic giveaway every Monday via Twitter. The steps to enter are simple! Take a few seconds to follow us on Twitter @BridesmaidTrade and retweet our message before 6pm EST. Anyone is eligible to enter and multiple entries (retweets) are encouraged.  We will contact the lucky winner personally.

Today, we’re giving away a matching jewelry set by Sabtis Designs. Offering custom bridal and everyday jewelry handcrafted with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, glass and variety of metals, Sabtis Designs is a perfect way to start off our month-long celebration. Winning beautiful jewelry is enough to cure even the worse case of the Mondays, so hop on Twitter and get yourself entered!

Check back with us later this week for an interview with the talented self-proclaimed “jewelry fanatic” behind Sabtis Designs, and make sure to send Bridesmaid Trade some Twitter love every week!


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