Printed Paper Gifts from Ruby Press-The Giveaway Continues!

8 Nov

It’s Monday again! And while, yes, that means back to work, it also means Week 2 of our month-long Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid giveaway! If you missed out on last week’s matching jewelry set by Sabtis Designs, fear not—there are great items up for grabs every Monday on Twitter. Just make sure to retweet and follow @BridesmaidTrade for your chance to win. This week, one lucky winner will take home a hand-printed gift from Etsy vendor Ruby Press. Using hand-cut paper and soy-based ink, each product from this print shop—from Thank You cards to Invitations—is hand-fed through antique presses, for a personalized product worthy of any wedding occasion.

Not only is Ruby Press the perfect destination for brides-to-be seeking wedding invitations and thank you cards, but the customized stationary and calling cards are also a great purchase for all the bridesmaids needing the perfect gift for the wedding shower. Not only can they be made personalized with the bride-to-be’s new initials in a beautiful debossed impression, but you can also be confident that the printmaking process behind them was environmentally friendly! Sustainability is a priority at Ruby Press—from the tree-free paper to the low VOC cleaners. Just another reason to hop on Twitter for your chance to win!


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