The Outfit Before THE Outfit: Personalized Robes and Hoodies

18 Nov

One of the most fun parts of the big day is getting dressed, ready, and beautified with all the girls. And while the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses are the most important outfit you’ll sport that day, it’s also key to think about what you wear while primping. Like we mentioned in THIS post on DIY wedding day hair, it’s important to wear something that wraps, zips, or buttons up so that you don’t ruin your hair and make up trying to finagle a t-shirt over your head.

A cute trend in bridal party gifts is matching sweat suits or robes for all the girls. Just Jen offers hoodies and sweats perfect for bridal parties, with the option of several phrases from “Bridesmaid” to “Soon to be Mrs.—“ in rhinestones or print.

If you’d rather go the robe route, Smarty Pants Shop, Classy Bride, and Etsy Vendor ccbgknikolich all offer customized spa robes—from monogramming to “bridesmaid” in a variety of colors.

If you’re feeling like getting your arts and crafts on, skip purchasing the customized hoodies and robes and personalize them yourself in a fun DIY project! Monogramming can be pricey, but M&J Trimming has a step-by-step guide for embellishing clothing with rhinestones that only requires three supplies—all of which are described and available for purchase through the site. For plain robes, Sam’s Club has a spa waffle robe for only $19.86 and Cotton Palace has a variety of robes and spa wraps all for well under $50. For hoodies, American Apparel has a zip-up that’s 50% off right now for only $19 that comes in tons of colors, just ready and waiting for you to add some customized pizzazz to it!


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