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2010: Commence Countdown Part II

31 Dec

5. This year we gave you 5 amazing ideas for unique bachelorette parties, ranging from a mellow Fondue Party for the low-key bride-to-be to Group Pole Dance Classes for the adventurous bride-to-be and all her girlfriends. Look for many, many more fun ideas in 2011 to guide all the bridesmaids and maids of honors trying to plan the perfect final celebration of the single life!

4. When 2010 officially bows out, it will month 4 since we’ve amped up our blog with daily posts on all things wedding and helpful ideas for bridesmaids! Our most popular post among the world wide web for the year?—Bridesmaid Dresses in Neutrals: Champagne, Beige, and Pale Gold. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out! Champagne was one of the hottest bridesmaid dress colors in 2010!

3. Number of Marchesa wedding gowns Nicole Richie wore while tying the knot to husband Joel Madden earlier this month because she just couldn’t decide between them. Oh, to be a celebrity! For the rest of us with budgets that don’t include multiple Marchesa gowns, reduce your wedding costs by opting for once-worn dresses!

2. 2 one-hundred dollar bills. That’s about what a bridesmaid can expect to spend on a dress as the average cost is $178. Don’t be another statistic! There are tons of beautiful worn-once bridesmaid dresses waiting to make an appearance in your wedding at Bridesmaid Trade for a fraction of their original cost!

1. The number of times the average woman will wear a bridesmaid dress  = 1. It probably comes as no surprise that the majority of bridesmaids never wear the dress after the big day. That’s why Bridesmaid Trade is here to help! Sell your old bridesmaid dresses that you’ll most likely never wear again, or, if you’re a bride-to-be, choose some budget-friendly, once-worn beauties for your bridal party to rock on your big day!

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and we will see you in 2011!


2010: Commence Countdown

30 Dec

Here are just a few things that made 2010 a whole lotta fun at Bridesmaid Trade:

10…10/10: Whether compelled by symmetry or simplicity (not an anniversary easily forgotten!), The New York Times reported over 39,000 couples chose 10/10/10 for their wedding day.  It would be hard to resist starting out with a “a perfect 10, times 3”, observed Maria McBride, wedding style director at Brides magazine.  (PS: The date might be once-in-a-lifetime,  but these super cute dresses on Bridesmaid Trade could definitely be worn again!)

9 new dresses at our Toast and Post party in September!  Dresses from  J.Crew, Sophia Tolli, Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo are just some of the dresses we that made an appearance.

8 hours on 1-95 from Boston to DC for Running of the Brides in July!  Was it really that crazy, you ask? Take a peek at this video from The Wedding Wire:

Yes.It.Was. But was it worth it?  Absolutely.

7 sashed bridesmaids at Khloe Kardashian’s wedding: OK got the scoop of on these dashing bridesmaids in their coordinating purple, floor length gowns.

Khloe Kardashian Bridesmaids

And speaking of celebrity soirees…

6 is equal to 3 x 2, and 3 and 2 are important because…they’re the odds on the bridesmaid dress color for Her Soon To Be Royal Highness’s wedding party.  As NY Daily News reported, the highly anticipated 2011 wedding for Kate Middleton and Prince William is keeping British bookies busy.  As for the bridesmaid dresses? Bets are with blue, 3:2.  If her blue Issa engagement dress, pictured here, is any indication of what’s to come, they’re sure to be stunning.

Did any of these make your all-things-wedding list in 2010? Were you a 10/10/10 bride or bridesmaid?   Wish you could have crashed the Kardashian wedding?  A Running Bride?  Love every detail of the Royal Wedding Planning?  Stay tuned…

Trading Stories: A Family Affair

29 Dec

When Jenny’s fiancé’s brother’s wife (and soon-to-be sister in law) asked her to be in her bridal party it was a casual occasion, and the answer was an obvious “yes”!

I think it was when she was visiting us for a weekend/holiday and we were just discussing bridesmaid things and she was listing her bridesmaids and had me in the list, and then just confirmed that I would…and because we are family, it was kind of expected that we would be in each others weddings—but I really wanted to be in it too!” With the bride’s mom taking on the majority of the planning, and Jenny living on Martha’s Vineyard while the bride was in Vermont, her bridesmaid responsibilities were limited, but Jenny still offered to do whatever was needed.

The wedding ceremony took place in June up in the mountains in Brattleboro, Vermont and the reception took place in Chester. While “getting all dolled up and feeling special to be a part of their big day” was Jenny’s favorite part of being a bridesmaid for her future brother and sister-in-law, her favorite memories from the wedding were the bridal entrance and not leaving the dance floor for hours.

“We had a pretty amazing bridal party entrance. We had a competition going on between the couples when they were introduced to the reception. They were all pretty hilarious and all so different! I was with their cousin, Jack, and he wound me up and I did the robot walk down the entrance.”

When it came to the outfit, getting the dress altered was Jenny’s main expense: “I got a size too big, but I didn’t try on a smaller size so I had to get it shortened and taken in.” And as a bride-to-be herself, Jenny knows all about the challenges to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

“After starting my search for my own bridesmaids I have found that the dresses are NOT cheap. I think that [my fiancé’s sister-in-law] did a great job picking the dresses for her bridal party and keeping it as inexpensive, yet still stylish, as possible.”

For shoes, Jenny used black shoes that she already owned, and changed into flip-flops for the ceremony with the rest of the bridesmaids. And with hours of dancing ahead of them, the shoe swap was a smart decision—“one of the best ideas ever!”

Bridesmaid Break Down:

Dress Brand & Style: David’s Bridal floor length
Dress Color: Black with green sash
Main Expenses: Dress, sash, and getting the dress altered

Saddle Up for Cowboy Boots with Bridesmaid Dresses

28 Dec

You don’t have to hail from out west, live on a ranch, or round up cattle to don a pair of cowboy boots at your wedding. This cute trend of pairing bridesmaid dresses (or a wedding gown) with cowboy boots is perfect for outdoor or casual weddings.

Another plus about cowboy boots is that you don’t have to worry about coordinating shoes—the mismatched look is adorable! If your bridesmaids already own a pair, just have them wear what they’ve got and cut back on costs.

What are your ideal bridesmaid shoes? Would you rock a pair of cowboy boots on the big day?

Wedding Predictions for 2011

27 Dec

With 2010 dwindling down to its final hours, the wedding industry is abuzz with predictions for nuptial trends in the upcoming year. Here are some of the forecasts you should keep your eye out for in 2011’s wedding world!

  • Bridesmaid Dresses in Honeysuckle Each year Pantone Color Institute announces the color of the year and everyone from paint manufacturers to fashion designers take note. We’re predicting honeysuckle to make a major appearance in bridal parties this year! 

  • Do-It-Yourself Triumphs The DIY wedding will become mainstream in 2011 with most brides custom creating at least one of their big day elements. Austin Wedding Blog predicts flower shops will begin to offer DIY flower clinics for brides and Perfect Wedding Guide is calling for “hand-made, vintage, and rustic touches” to be showcased.
  • Outdoors, Stationary, and Vintage as the Hottest Eco-Friendly Options Weddings have become increasingly eco-conscious over the years, and in 2011 saving power with outdoor weddings, reducing waste with recycled stationary paper, and reusing jewelry and décor by going vintage will be popular “green” options. We’re predicting Etsy will be the year’s leading stationary vendor with its handmade cards and eco-friendly options!
  • Weddings Go Virtual Based on the 2011 Wedding Market Insight Report, it’s clear that the wedding industry’s online presence is growing. This coming year look for everything from brides using wedding planning smartphone apps, to huge increases in online shopping for wedding necessities, to Groupon and other web coupon sites targeting the wedding world with discounts.
  • Pockets Make an Appearance The forum over at Project Wedding spoke, and we agree–wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses with pockets will be big in 2011! 

So what can you expect from Bridesmaid Trade in the New Year?—All the above and much more! It’s been a great year and we can’t wait for an exciting 2011!

Happy Engagement Season!

23 Dec

It’s not just the holiday season, it’s wedding proposal season as well! To send you off into what is hopefully a wonderful Christmas weekend full of family and friends, here is one of the most thoughtful and romantic Christmastime wedding proposals we’ve ever heard!

The Proposal Story held a contest in which couples could submit their proposal stories for the chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Tiffany & Co (now that’s my kind of prize!). Here, via, is the winning story, and trust us, it’s worth reading!

12 Days of Christmas
by Michele Shams

The Beginning

Zach and I have been dating for 3 years and 4 months. We first met when a mutual friend introduced him to our group of friends. Back then, our whole group would hang out together every weekend and several times a week…so Zach and I got to know each other really well. Over the course of 6 months, he became one of my best friends. Never did I imagine that we would become more than that.

Months later, when he found out that my boyfriend-at-the-time and I had broken up, it didn’t take him long to profess how he “really” felt about me…that he felt it was more than just a friendship and that he had fallen hard. After the initial shock of his true feelings, I found that deep inside of me, I felt something strong for him too. We joked and said it was like Monica and Chandler from Friends. After a week of discussing the consequences, we decided to risk our friendship (along with the perfect dynamic of our circle of friends) and attempt dating. It was the best risk we had ever taken.

The Plan

Life with Zach has been exciting, fun, and filled with surprises. We have the kind of relationship where we just “get” each other. We never had to have the “so what are we” talk. Before he ever said he loved me, we both just felt it. I knew the strength of his feelings for me just by how he looked at me…and vice versa. When he finally did say the 3 little words, I already knew. The same goes for knowing that we found our life-partner. When I look into his eyes and he looks into mine, there’s not even a question…we want to grow old together.

About a year into our relationship, we were at a party and someone blurted out to both of us “So when are you two going to get married!!” …shocked at the candid question, Zach and I just looked at each other for a moment, and without even thinking I said… “Oh, sometime in the next 70 years”. He smiled…and with that look in his eyes, I knew that he felt the same.

Money has been tight lately. Zach and I both have dreams we hope to pursue in 2010, and so in November of 09, we decided to see a financial planner. We discussed that one day…perhaps 3-5 years from now we would eventually get married, so we wanted to get a head start on how to manage our finances properly. Because money was so tight, there was no way we would be able to get engaged or married anytime soon…or so I thought.

The Proposal

On December 11th, I woke up to 12 beautiful pink roses sitting on the counter with a card. Written in the card, Zach said he wanted to do something fun this year and give me THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS in reverse order… since we couldn’t spend a lot, they would be small but fun gifts representative for each day counting down till the day he and I celebrated Christmas before we left to visit our families. Zach is very much a romantic and he knows I love surprises. It really did not seem odd to me that he would concoct this for Christmas just to make it special since we could not really afford much.

Each morning, I would wake up, and eagerly run out to the kitchen to see what he thought of for that respective day. Some days it would be in the morning, but other days I wouldn’t get a gift until later. But boy, he sure put a lot of thought into each of the gifts. And so, here’s how the story goes:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 12 beautiful pink roses.

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 11 singers singing. He made a mixed CD of 11 songs that reminded him of us.

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… A 10-minute massage coupon. He knows how much I love massages…Plus, I’m always asking him for one.

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… One portable purse hanger for tables. You see, we have traveled to 9 states in the US together, and I have rested my purse down in each. This gift represented where I’ve “hung” my purse with him, and now, I’ll have a place to hang it in the future.

On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… A new pair of jazz dance shoes…representing the perfect 8-count. I’m a dancer, and so, in dance, we use counts of 8 to keep step.

On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… A 7-inch sub from our favorite sub shop, Angie’s, in town. He actually drove 20 minutes from his work to go pick up our favorite subs, then drove another 45 minutes across town to come to my work under the guise that he was taking me to lunch. He had set everything up in my office cafe and when I got down there, he surprised me with all of it. We had a nice little lunch together sharing our favorite food.

On the 6th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 3 Jaguar Football tickets. The number six is more significant then the gift. We love going to Jags games together, but the number 6 is significant of the date when Zach first professed how he felt about me.

On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 5 Friends DVDs. We love the show, Friends.

On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… The 4 Christmas’s DVD. Since we both have divorced parents, we have to celebrate Christmas 4 times.

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… A package of 3 golfing gloves. Zach’s great at golf, and I’m..well, not so great. But he takes the time to teach me and every so often take me out on the course. The last time we played, I forgot to bring gloves and wore my hands raw to the point where I couldn’t make it past the 15th hole. So, 3 gloves were a perfect gift.

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a hand-crafted earring hanger. He made it him self…it is beautifully crafted and I’m so proud of him for making it!

On the final day, December 22nd, I woke up to find one card on the tree. The card basically said that he was sending me on a scavenger hunt throughout the day to find the final present. There would be 11 clues…each one leading me to the next. He said the gift wasn’t really that big, it was more the hunt that was the fun part.

And so, off I went…the first 4 clues were hidden around the house. The next instruction would come via a text later in the day.

The text came while at work….it led me to my car where 3 more clues were hidden.

Then, at 5pm, right as I was about to leave work, the next clue came….I was to go to where we had our first date and pick up the next clue. That clue, then led me across town to where we took our first dancing lessons… which in turn then led me to where we had our first kiss. With one last clue left, I was to head to where Zach first fell for me (a local Irish bar down by the beach) and pick up the final clue.When I got to the bar, that clue said I had to go to one more place to get the gift. I walked outside to go to the next location and there Zach stood, on the corner right in front of the bar and he said the following…

“I have one final clue for you…now that you’ve received the 12 days of Christmas, you must re-read all the gifts you’ve gotten.”

The card he handed me had every gift he had given me the past 11 days in the form of the 12-Days-of-Christmas song…and on the last line, my eyes began to well-up…it read “And on the last day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… One diamond ring”

As I looked up from the card, Zach got down on one knee with tears in his eyes, and proposed. Strategically, he had proposed right near where we had first met (which was on the sidewalk across the street).

Needless to say, it will be out most memorable Christmas ever.


Trading Stories: Married in Miami

22 Dec

Just as the temperature was beginning to drop up here in Boston this November, Sam was flying down to the warmth of Miami for her friend’s big day. It was months earlier, however, that Sam’s involvement as a bridesmaid started—back to when the college roommates and sorority sisters were still attending UNC: Chapel Hill.

“I helped try on dresses with the bride while we were both at school in North Carolina at some cute shops in Raleigh. We didn’t find anything that she loved that weekend, but she ended up going shopping with her sisters in Miami and found the dresses she wanted from Priscilla of Boston. She consulted us and got our opinion before ordering them, but I thought they were beautiful!” And the adorable deep purple knee length dresses that were chosen for the bridesmaids just might defy the old “you’ll never wear it again” stigma, as Sam said, given the right occasion, she’d definitely wear it again.

While the bride’s sisters, as Maids of Honor, took on the majority of planning and responsibility, Sam stayed very much up to date with the wedding process from beginning to end: “My favorite part was definitely getting to be super close to all the details throughout the whole process with the bride. Also, just getting to be part of her day—it was so special to get to stand at the altar with the other bridesmaids and see her walk down the aisle and to look at her (then) fiancé’s face.” And, as most all bridesmaids would agree, “it was also really fun to get to spend so much time with the bridal party—three of the other bridesmaids were very close friends of mine from school and I loved getting to be with them!”

For the bachelorette party, the girls spent a weekend in Miami. And as a fellow Bostonian, Sam understands the treat of being able to escape down south twice during these colder months! While the plane tickets ending up being one of the pricier expenses for her as a bridesmaid, the fun girls weekend spent at the Fountain Bleu in South Beach was well worth it. And the wedding shower took place that same weekend so that all those traveling from far away could be present for both.

“We got to spend all day Saturday at the pool and hanging out on the beach, then that night we went to a club there which was so fun! I’d say my best memory was definitely us all getting ready in the hotel rooms, pregaming with some drinks, and playing some fun games—we got the bride-to-be to share some good stories about boyfriends in her past!”

Two weekends later, Sam headed back down to Miami for the big day. The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a beautiful banquet room at the Westin Coral Cables.

“My best memory was definitely watching the bride walk down the aisle and seeing how happy she and her husband were. Also, the dancing during the reception—everyone was having a good time!”

Bridesmaid Break Down:

Dress Brand & Style: Priscilla of Boston sweetheart top, strapless knee length with bodice detailing

Dress Color: Deep Purple

Total Budget: $1,200

Main Expenses: Dress/shoes/accessories, gifts, hotels/flights

Money-Saving Tip: Book your flights in advance!