Bridesmaid Dress Color Spotlight: We’ve Got the Blues

7 Dec

In a recent poll on the Weddingbee boards that asked, “What color were your bridesmaid dresses?” the color blue took a majority of the votes, second only to purple with 18%. And we’re not exactly surprised. A peaceful, calming color, blue is found in a myriad of shades, each one more beautiful than the next. In fact, as reported by Netscape News, three global marketing firms conducted a worldwide survey and found blue to be the most popular color in the world. With that kind of title, how could we not shine the spotlight on this universally loved color?

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, blue is an appealing color because of its versatility. While a deep midnight blue gown fits in with an elegant, formal wedding, a baby blue shade can achieve the opposite effect, fitting in nicely with a springtime or casual ceremony. These photos from Wedding Bridesmaid Blog, W Wedding Gowns, Weddingbee , and Bridesmaid Dresses Style & Fashion Guide showcase some of the many ways shades of blues can be utilized in a bridal party.

So are you opting to have the world’s most popular color make an appearance on your bridesmaids? From midnight, to navy, to cobalt, to sky blue— Bridesmaid Trade has you covered!

THIS Onyx Nite strapless dress in a size 6 is sure to turn heads.

Perfect for winter weddings, THIS dark blue-gray gown can be in your bridal party for only $55, a fraction of its original price!

THIS blue J. Crew chiffon dress is an excellent option if you’re looking for a knee-length bridesmaid dress.

A personal favorite, THIS Dessy floor length gown is a gorgeous and elegant deep shade of midnight.

What do you think? Do agree with the polls that blue is one of the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses?



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