Going Green with Floral Supplies from Blumebox

9 Dec

When it comes to flower vases, centerpieces, and place card holders for your wedding, Blumebox has you—and your tables—covered! As described on their website, Blumebox flower vases are “helping bring the floral industry into the 21st century,” and we couldn’t agree more. Made from recycled materials, and available in a wide range of colors, not only will Blumebox products fit any wedding color theme, but will also help your special day be environmentally friendly.

blumebox flower arrangement centerpiece bouquet floral

In addition to selling vases and card holders (“blumeboxes” and “blumebuds”), Blumebox provides ribbons and boas for personalizing your floral supplies. Visit their website and hop on over to the Ideas in Blume section for creative ideas and fun do-it-yourself projects for your wedding day floral arrangements. This Bridal Bouquet Vase DIY video not only gives tips for choosing “green” flowers and assembling a bouquet, but also shows you how to make a beautiful bouquet and personalized vase to hold it in.

We can’t get enough of the inventive ideas over at Blumebox, and with all the creative ways to personalize these vases, we’re sure they’ll have a perfect match for your wedding theme!


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