MOO: It’s Not Just for the Cows

16 Dec

With the company vision “great design for everyone,” MOO is your one-stop shop for online quality printing needs. What does a printer have to do with weddings, you may ask? With save-the-dates, bridal shower invites, wedding invites, place holders, and thank you notes all on a bride’s To-Do List, we’d say printers have a LOT to do with weddings!

THESE small thank you cards, with a picture of the couple on one side and some kind thanks on the other, are absolutely adorable and cost-effective.

THIS idea, using pictures of the newly-engaged couple as children is a unique and cute way to style your save-the-dates.

Beyond the invitations, thank you notes, and place holders (all of which MOO can provide), MOO’s Inspiration Gallery is full of creative and unique ideas for the big day.

We love this idea for Ice-Breaker Cards, in which cards are printed with different questions about the bride and groom and placed on the wedding reception tables. Just because the bride and groom know and love everyone in the room doesn’t mean the guests have met, and Ice-Breaker Cards are a great conversation starter and fun way to test your knowledge on the newlyweds! Use Moo’s MiniCards or Business Cards to create your own Ice-Breaker cards, customized with your pictures and questions.

Undertaken any creative print projects of your own lately? Tell us how you’d utilize MOO!


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