Sparkling Down the Aisle: Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

20 Dec

With the holidays in full swing and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, sequined dresses are undoubtedly the season’s hottest trend. But as stunning as sequins are, the all-over look is definitely better suited for the red carpet than the aisle.

So how can you incorporate this popular trend into your bridesmaid dresses without making your wedding party look like a cocktail party? The solution is simple: details, details, details! By reducing sequins’ role from leading lady to supporting actress, bridesmaid dresses with sequined embellishments aren’t overwhelmed with sparkle, but still carry off this stunning trend.

These pictures from The Knot, Alexia Admor, and Weddingbee show how sequined detailing can make a bridesmaid dress really sparkle! Whether it’s a sequined hem, sequin and gem stone neck embellishment, or the shimmering gold in this traditional Hindu-meets Western wedding, a little shimmer goes a long way.

Another way to incorporate the sequin trend into a bridal party is pairing the chosen dresses with a sparkly shoe.  For inspiration check out Steve Madden’s selection of glittery pumps, sandals, and flats. From sky-high heels to the more practical and comfortable flats, you can easily find shoes that shimmer in every style these days.

At Bridesmaid Trade we’ve got some gorgeous bridesmaid dress options that embrace the sequined trend without going overboard. The sequined bodice on THIS periwinkle Della Roufogali dress is sure to dazzle.

THIS floor-length black dress by Sherri Hill is elegant and flattering with its sequined sweetheart neckline.

For a subtler sequined look, THIS lavender dress has the perfect amount of sparkle on the spaghetti straps and waistline.


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