Trading Stories: Married in Miami

22 Dec

Just as the temperature was beginning to drop up here in Boston this November, Sam was flying down to the warmth of Miami for her friend’s big day. It was months earlier, however, that Sam’s involvement as a bridesmaid started—back to when the college roommates and sorority sisters were still attending UNC: Chapel Hill.

“I helped try on dresses with the bride while we were both at school in North Carolina at some cute shops in Raleigh. We didn’t find anything that she loved that weekend, but she ended up going shopping with her sisters in Miami and found the dresses she wanted from Priscilla of Boston. She consulted us and got our opinion before ordering them, but I thought they were beautiful!” And the adorable deep purple knee length dresses that were chosen for the bridesmaids just might defy the old “you’ll never wear it again” stigma, as Sam said, given the right occasion, she’d definitely wear it again.

While the bride’s sisters, as Maids of Honor, took on the majority of planning and responsibility, Sam stayed very much up to date with the wedding process from beginning to end: “My favorite part was definitely getting to be super close to all the details throughout the whole process with the bride. Also, just getting to be part of her day—it was so special to get to stand at the altar with the other bridesmaids and see her walk down the aisle and to look at her (then) fiancé’s face.” And, as most all bridesmaids would agree, “it was also really fun to get to spend so much time with the bridal party—three of the other bridesmaids were very close friends of mine from school and I loved getting to be with them!”

For the bachelorette party, the girls spent a weekend in Miami. And as a fellow Bostonian, Sam understands the treat of being able to escape down south twice during these colder months! While the plane tickets ending up being one of the pricier expenses for her as a bridesmaid, the fun girls weekend spent at the Fountain Bleu in South Beach was well worth it. And the wedding shower took place that same weekend so that all those traveling from far away could be present for both.

“We got to spend all day Saturday at the pool and hanging out on the beach, then that night we went to a club there which was so fun! I’d say my best memory was definitely us all getting ready in the hotel rooms, pregaming with some drinks, and playing some fun games—we got the bride-to-be to share some good stories about boyfriends in her past!”

Two weekends later, Sam headed back down to Miami for the big day. The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a beautiful banquet room at the Westin Coral Cables.

“My best memory was definitely watching the bride walk down the aisle and seeing how happy she and her husband were. Also, the dancing during the reception—everyone was having a good time!”

Bridesmaid Break Down:

Dress Brand & Style: Priscilla of Boston sweetheart top, strapless knee length with bodice detailing

Dress Color: Deep Purple

Total Budget: $1,200

Main Expenses: Dress/shoes/accessories, gifts, hotels/flights

Money-Saving Tip: Book your flights in advance!


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