Trading Stories: A Family Affair

29 Dec

When Jenny’s fiancé’s brother’s wife (and soon-to-be sister in law) asked her to be in her bridal party it was a casual occasion, and the answer was an obvious “yes”!

I think it was when she was visiting us for a weekend/holiday and we were just discussing bridesmaid things and she was listing her bridesmaids and had me in the list, and then just confirmed that I would…and because we are family, it was kind of expected that we would be in each others weddings—but I really wanted to be in it too!” With the bride’s mom taking on the majority of the planning, and Jenny living on Martha’s Vineyard while the bride was in Vermont, her bridesmaid responsibilities were limited, but Jenny still offered to do whatever was needed.

The wedding ceremony took place in June up in the mountains in Brattleboro, Vermont and the reception took place in Chester. While “getting all dolled up and feeling special to be a part of their big day” was Jenny’s favorite part of being a bridesmaid for her future brother and sister-in-law, her favorite memories from the wedding were the bridal entrance and not leaving the dance floor for hours.

“We had a pretty amazing bridal party entrance. We had a competition going on between the couples when they were introduced to the reception. They were all pretty hilarious and all so different! I was with their cousin, Jack, and he wound me up and I did the robot walk down the entrance.”

When it came to the outfit, getting the dress altered was Jenny’s main expense: “I got a size too big, but I didn’t try on a smaller size so I had to get it shortened and taken in.” And as a bride-to-be herself, Jenny knows all about the challenges to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

“After starting my search for my own bridesmaids I have found that the dresses are NOT cheap. I think that [my fiancé’s sister-in-law] did a great job picking the dresses for her bridal party and keeping it as inexpensive, yet still stylish, as possible.”

For shoes, Jenny used black shoes that she already owned, and changed into flip-flops for the ceremony with the rest of the bridesmaids. And with hours of dancing ahead of them, the shoe swap was a smart decision—“one of the best ideas ever!”

Bridesmaid Break Down:

Dress Brand & Style: David’s Bridal floor length
Dress Color: Black with green sash
Main Expenses: Dress, sash, and getting the dress altered


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