2010: Commence Countdown

30 Dec

Here are just a few things that made 2010 a whole lotta fun at Bridesmaid Trade:

10…10/10: Whether compelled by symmetry or simplicity (not an anniversary easily forgotten!), The New York Times reported over 39,000 couples chose 10/10/10 for their wedding day.  It would be hard to resist starting out with a “a perfect 10, times 3”, observed Maria McBride, wedding style director at Brides magazine.  (PS: The date might be once-in-a-lifetime,  but these super cute dresses on Bridesmaid Trade could definitely be worn again!)

9 new dresses at our Toast and Post party in September!  Dresses from  J.Crew, Sophia Tolli, Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo are just some of the dresses we that made an appearance.

8 hours on 1-95 from Boston to DC for Running of the Brides in July!  Was it really that crazy, you ask? Take a peek at this video from The Wedding Wire:

Yes.It.Was. But was it worth it?  Absolutely.

7 sashed bridesmaids at Khloe Kardashian’s wedding: OK got the scoop of on these dashing bridesmaids in their coordinating purple, floor length gowns.

Khloe Kardashian Bridesmaids

And speaking of celebrity soirees…

6 is equal to 3 x 2, and 3 and 2 are important because…they’re the odds on the bridesmaid dress color for Her Soon To Be Royal Highness’s wedding party.  As NY Daily News reported, the highly anticipated 2011 wedding for Kate Middleton and Prince William is keeping British bookies busy.  As for the bridesmaid dresses? Bets are with blue, 3:2.  If her blue Issa engagement dress, pictured here, is any indication of what’s to come, they’re sure to be stunning.

Did any of these make your all-things-wedding list in 2010? Were you a 10/10/10 bride or bridesmaid?   Wish you could have crashed the Kardashian wedding?  A Running Bride?  Love every detail of the Royal Wedding Planning?  Stay tuned…


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