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Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in…A Costume?

21 Dec

Usually when we talk about “wedding theme,” it’s in reference to the color scheme chosen. For some couples though, “theme” is anything but traditional on their big day. Forget pastels or neutrals—more like Superman or Luke Skywalker!

More than just a cult following, for some people Jedi is a way of life. May the force be with these couples:

On a day when rings take center stage, why not evoke Lord of the Rings?

These couples chose to save the day on their wedding day as super heroes:

Everyone wants a fairy tale ending on their wedding day—some couples take this a little more literally than others:

Instead of dawning the costume themselves, this bride and groom had others wear the costumes in this Hello Kitty themed wedding:

Would you step this outside of the box on your wedding day? While it’s doubtful that theme weddings will ever become the norm, we’ve got to hand it to these couples for making sure their big day is one that will NEVER be forgotten!

If (and that’s a big, hypothetical “if”) you were to do a theme wedding what would it be of? As a child of the 90’s I’m thinking a boy band/girl band theme wedding might be pretty epic…Sporty Spice marrying J.C. with the rest of the Spice Girls and N*Sync boys as the bridal party? Talk about my 5th grade dreams come true!


Sparkling Down the Aisle: Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

20 Dec

With the holidays in full swing and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, sequined dresses are undoubtedly the season’s hottest trend. But as stunning as sequins are, the all-over look is definitely better suited for the red carpet than the aisle.

So how can you incorporate this popular trend into your bridesmaid dresses without making your wedding party look like a cocktail party? The solution is simple: details, details, details! By reducing sequins’ role from leading lady to supporting actress, bridesmaid dresses with sequined embellishments aren’t overwhelmed with sparkle, but still carry off this stunning trend.

These pictures from The Knot, Alexia Admor, and Weddingbee show how sequined detailing can make a bridesmaid dress really sparkle! Whether it’s a sequined hem, sequin and gem stone neck embellishment, or the shimmering gold in this traditional Hindu-meets Western wedding, a little shimmer goes a long way.

Another way to incorporate the sequin trend into a bridal party is pairing the chosen dresses with a sparkly shoe.  For inspiration check out Steve Madden’s selection of glittery pumps, sandals, and flats. From sky-high heels to the more practical and comfortable flats, you can easily find shoes that shimmer in every style these days.

At Bridesmaid Trade we’ve got some gorgeous bridesmaid dress options that embrace the sequined trend without going overboard. The sequined bodice on THIS periwinkle Della Roufogali dress is sure to dazzle.

THIS floor-length black dress by Sherri Hill is elegant and flattering with its sequined sweetheart neckline.

For a subtler sequined look, THIS lavender dress has the perfect amount of sparkle on the spaghetti straps and waistline.

My Best Friend’s Wedding: The Beginning

17 Dec

We’re adding a new feature on our blog–every couple weeks or so, I’ll be posting my own experiences of being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding! Stay tuned as we deliberate over dress choices, decor, bachelorette party ideas, and all that comes along with planning a wedding!

*          *          *          *          *

It was a rainy evening last March and I was about to head out for one of the last nights of my college spring break, when the familiar text message ding-ding sounded on my phone. It was a picture message from my best friend, Ellen, who was on a trip with her boyfriend, Ryan, in New Orleans:

After loudly and giddily telling my inanimate iPhone screen to “Holy crap! SHUT UP!” several times, I dialed up Ellen to congratulate her and get all the details. The first of my friends to get engaged and my first experience as a bridesmaid!

Ellen and I grew up together on Martha’s Vineyard, have been friends ever since I can remember, and best friends since the 5th grade, where we drove our poor teacher to the brink of insanity. Seen here playing “Wizbang,” a game we invented in my basement one weekend, I think it’s safe to say we’ve always had a rather unique bond…

Ellen and her fiancé Ryan, who grew up on the Vineyard as well, first dated in middle school (I know what you’re thinking—since when do those relationships end in marriage?!), and began dating again after high school.

Flash-forward to today, and we’ve got a wedding to plan! The big day is set for September 17, 2011 at the breathtakingly scenic Captain Flander’s House in Chilmark, MA.

Ellen’s sister and I will be sharing bridesmaid duties as co-Maid of Honors, and while the heavy-duty planning isn’t in full swing quite yet, the hunt for bridesmaid dresses has already begun. Ellen is thinking of a purple color theme for her wedding, recently refining her colors to jewel-tone purple and orange. The color choice was no surprise because she LOVES purple. Purple cell phone, purple wallet, purple jewelry–it’s been her color for years! Originally, Ellen was thinking a light purple or lavender for bridesmaid dresses, but the shade slowly gotten darker, settling on a beautiful deep jewel tone. And since we all know darker colors tend to be a little more flattering with tighter dresses, I’m certainly not complaining! Here are the bridesmaid dress options that have been tossed around so far (The first is from J. Crew, the next two are from Priscilla of Boston, and the last is Alfred Angelo):

For this J. Crew dress, I love the bodice detailing and think the fitted bust with an empire waist and whimsical skirt is an extremely flattering combination on almost all body types. (Luckily Ellen’s sister and I have similar body types, so settling on a dress that looks great on us both should be that much easier). The shade of purple Ellen’s thinking of has gotten darker though, so this one might be out out the running.

I love that these two dresses from Priscilla of Boston are form-fitted. For everyday occasions, I would normally opt for something more fitted, so when Ellen suggested these two, I had a natural inclination towards them. And the strapless choice has some strategically-flattering rouching, which is always great!

I was admittedly surprised at first when Ellen said she wanted to incorporate orange into her color theme, but then I saw this dress option, and I just kept envisioning how beautiful the colors would look against a bright flower bouquet. The sash option on this dress is great because it allows for a second color to make an appearance in the bridal party.

Which is your favorite so far? We’re set to go dress shopping January 4, so be sure to check back for updates—I’ll keep you posted throughout the whole process of being a first-time bridesmaid!

Countdown to the Big Day: 275 Days

MOO: It’s Not Just for the Cows

16 Dec

With the company vision “great design for everyone,” MOO is your one-stop shop for online quality printing needs. What does a printer have to do with weddings, you may ask? With save-the-dates, bridal shower invites, wedding invites, place holders, and thank you notes all on a bride’s To-Do List, we’d say printers have a LOT to do with weddings!

THESE small thank you cards, with a picture of the couple on one side and some kind thanks on the other, are absolutely adorable and cost-effective.

THIS idea, using pictures of the newly-engaged couple as children is a unique and cute way to style your save-the-dates.

Beyond the invitations, thank you notes, and place holders (all of which MOO can provide), MOO’s Inspiration Gallery is full of creative and unique ideas for the big day.

We love this idea for Ice-Breaker Cards, in which cards are printed with different questions about the bride and groom and placed on the wedding reception tables. Just because the bride and groom know and love everyone in the room doesn’t mean the guests have met, and Ice-Breaker Cards are a great conversation starter and fun way to test your knowledge on the newlyweds! Use Moo’s MiniCards or Business Cards to create your own Ice-Breaker cards, customized with your pictures and questions.

Undertaken any creative print projects of your own lately? Tell us how you’d utilize MOO!

Cake Pulls: A Charming Idea for Weddings and Bridal Showers

15 Dec

As explained (and shown) by the talented photographer over at Mark Eric Weddings, Cake Pulls are a Southern tradition dating back to Victorian times. Sterling silver charms attached to ribbons are baked inside the wedding or bridal shower cake, and all the single ladies get a chance to pull one out before the cake is cut.

Each charm has a different meaning and foretells the future of the woman who pulls it. A fortune-telling AND a piece of jewelry?—we think it’s time for this Southern tradition to make it’s way up North! For affordable charms online, check out Wedding Cake Charms and Charm Country. Both websites offer a variety of charms and includes the meaning behind each.

The lucky lady who pulls THIS hot air balloon charm is destined for a life of adventure and travel.

THIS tree charm predicts a life of stability.

And I certainly wouldn’t complain if I drew THIS crown charm that carries the meaning “queen for a lifetime!”

There are many ways to orchestrate the pulling of the charms, with this idea from Weddingbee a perfect option for giving each woman’s charm and corresponding fortune the spotlight:

After each bridesmaid pulled her charm (and licked off the chocolate, of course!) the bride handed her a printed corresponding fortune to be read out loud in front of the wedding reception.

While the charms may not be the tastiest part of dessert, cake pulls are a fun tradition you can add to your wedding or bridal shower, and make for a great keepsake that can be added to any bracelet or necklace. Have you ever participated in a cake pull? Tell us which fortune you pulled!

December Wedding Flowers

14 Dec

When it comes to choosing flowers for a December wedding, many people opt to embody the time of year with holiday or winter themes. We’ll break down three trends and provide you with some wonderful choices for flowers that are in bloom this month.

  • Holiday Bouquets and Arrangements Poinsettia, holly pine boughs, holly berries, ivy vines—these holiday flowers and decorations are a popular choice in December weddings and look absolutely amazing against a white gown. We love the look of this holiday bouquet infused with ivy and pine boughs:

Another way to do the holiday theme is to stick to holiday colors like deep red and green. This
arrangement of roses is simple yet stunning:

  • All-White Bouquets and Arrangements Nothing says winter wonderland like the color white. This bouquet of orchids, stephanotis, roses, and ivy is the perfect example:

  • Icy-Blue Bouquets and Arrangements Infusing a bouquet with icy blue flowers is a perfect way to evoke this winter month. The blue hydrangea in this bouquet of roses, mini calla lilies, gyp, ivy, and tree fern make for a stunning effect:

Attending any December weddings yourself this year? Keep an eye out for the flowers and tell us about them!

One-derful One-Shoulder Dresses

13 Dec

Last Spring one-shoulder dresses burst onto the fashion scene and there’s been no sign of slowing for this trend. From celebrities like Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Rachel Bilson, to our nation’s first lady, Michelle Obama, one-shoulder dresses have been in the spotlight consistently this year.

From the red carpet to the wedding chapel, one shoulder dresses are now a popular choice for bridesmaids. This bridal party photographed on Thread Bridesmaid looks ADORABLE in deep peach one-shoulder dresses with bow detailing on the shoulder.

To get this look for less, look no farther than Bridesmaid Trade!

THIS stunning floor-length Alvina Valenta dress in a size 8 would dazzle in any bridal party.

We love the twisted shoulder strap on THIS Charsa dress in light green.

The exposed shoulder on THIS Alfred Angelo black bridesmaid goes beautifully with the bodice detailing.

What do you think—is the one-shoulder trend here to stay?