“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”: For Those With a Sense of Humor

11 Jan

From the sentimental, to the casual, and on to the creative, there are tons of ways to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid in your wedding. Well today, we’ve got an idea for the comedians out there.

We all know the old stereotype that bridesmaid dresses are notoriously heinous, so to make your favorite ladies laugh while (of course) emphatically agreeing to join your bridal party, make some cards that give homage to the worst of the worst dresses to ever walk the aisle.

Start by searching the web for some ridiculously bad bridesmaid dress pictures. UglyDress.Com and TackyWeddings.Com are great places to start, and trust us—perusing the pictures is half the fun of making the cards! Also be sure to check out these “beauties”:

Yes, you’re seeing this correctly. That’s a three-piece dress complete with bra top and water swimmies.

In defense of the dresses from this next photo, it was probably the 80s, and let’s face it, there were very, VERY few good fashion decisions during this decade.

We know all eyes are supposed to be on the bride, but these bridesmaid dresses are like a bad car wreck—you just can’t look away!

When you’ve printed out the most cringe-worthy of bridesmaid dresses, get creative with some colored construction paper and pens. Decorate your cards however you want and write something funny to go along with the picture like “I know you’ve secretly always wanted to wear a neon pink belly-exposing tutu dress, so will you be my bridesmaid?” or “These women loved the brides enough to wear the most awful of dresses. Well I love YOU enough to never make you wear anything of the sort! Will you be my bridesmaid?”

After the invites have been delivered and you’ve assembled your bridal party, be sure to hop on over to Bridesmaid Trade and pick out some dresses that WON’T make everyone cringe. While bad dresses are funny to look at on the internet, you certainly will want to find beautiful dresses for your favorite girls!


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