Trading Stories: An Island Wedding for an Island Girl

19 Jan

Julia’s childhood best friend asked her to be bridesmaid on New Years 2009. Both girls were back in their hometown on Martha’s Vineyard for the holiday and it was the first time Julia met her friend’s fiancé.

“She pulled me aside and told me they were getting married. After hugs and many congratulations, she asked if I would like to be in the bridal party. We have grown up so much and I was honored to be part of it.”

As a bridesmaid, it was hard to be heavily involved in the wedding planning because Julia lived in Atlanta, GA at the time. “I flew from GA to MA for the surprise bridal shower and a week before the wedding had rehearsal with the bride and groom for their first dance, which I choreographed for them.”

But the distance certainly didn’t take away from the special experience of being a bridesmaid. “Just being a part of the whole thing with the bride and our childhood friends—when we were little we would have pretend weddings on the playground and would talk about who we were going to end up with and it meant so much to me to be there for her on her actual wedding day.”

The bridal shower was a surprise for the bride which was held at an aunt and uncle’s house with all her closest friends and family. “We flew from all over: NY, PA, friends from college, me from GA. The look on her face when she walked in the door was priceless.”

The bachelorette party was another surprise and was held a couple nights before the wedding at a friend’s house, and, like most bachelorette parties thrown, the celebration made sure to focus around a certain—err—male body part.

As Julia recalls, “The maid of honor and I kidnapped her at the end of dinner with her family, blindfolded her, and drove all around so she lost her sense of direction.”

With the bridal shower and bachelorette party marked off as successes, it was on to the big day! The wedding was held at the old Agricultural Hall on the Vineyard, a quintisential upisland location surrounded by beautiful farm land.

“I have a couple best memories from the wedding: getting ready in the room we grew up in in her parents house, riding in the limo to the ceremony, standing up at the alter with the rest of the wedding party, and last but not least, watching the bride, groom, and his band of friends sing Love Shack towards the end of the reception.” With a musically talented couple and a skilled dancer for a bridesmaid, there was no shortage of entertainment as the happy couple tied the knot!

As for the bridesmaid dresses, the bride wanted something elegant, simple, and reasonably priced. As Julia puts it (and I think we can all agree!), “Hey not all of us college grads have 50k/yr jobs.” But cutting back the cost certainly didn’t mean a shortage of style—the light blue dresses and white shawls made for a gorgeous bridal party.

Bridesmaid Break Down:

Dress Style: Strapless knee length with sweetheart top and empire waist.

Dress Color: Light blue

Main Expenses: Dress and plane tickets (“But what does that matter when it’s your best friend’s wedding?!” Julia adds. And we agree!)


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