Bachelorette Party Idea: Beauty Product Test Party

25 Jan

Not every bride-to-be wants to get crazy in a wild night on the town prior to tying the knot. For the mellow bride, a girls’ night in can make for the perfect bachelorette party—and if that mellow bride happens to love glaming it up with the latest makeup and beauty products, then start planning a product testing party!

The concept is simple: each guest brings a new beauty product to the party so that everyone can try it out. In some parties, the bride-to-be gets to keep all the products at the end of the night, but you could also arrange to that everyone gets to pick their favorite item.

If you need some ideas, here are great ideas which are sure to be crowd pleasers:

  • Nail Polish Go for a fun shade that you normally wouldn’t buy. Metallics and bright colors are always a fun choice! With one of the best applicator brushes around, we’re big fans of OPI but Sally Hansen ‘s new Salon Manicure line is equally as amazing. 
  • Hair Stylers Any hair styler is sure to be a good time at a girls night in because let’s face it, playing with your hair can be fun at any age! Wave irons are relatively new on the market, so consider trying one like this for Conair
  • Eye Shadow Sets These are fun because you can get sets to highlight different eye colors or opt for the always-popular smoky eye kit. Practice applying the makeup during the bachelorette party and who knows, maybe you can DIY when it comes to wedding day make up! For starters, check out the variety offered on Sephora

At the end of the night, not only will you have been able to try out some new products, but will have had the perfect girls night in with the bride-to-be and her favorite ladies!



One Response to “Bachelorette Party Idea: Beauty Product Test Party”

  1. Molly Otto (@mollo713) April 5, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    This is a super fun idea! Get dolled up with the gals and take lots of fun pictures to remember forever. I used some awesome and totally fun bachelorette party favors that you could kind of do the same thing with 🙂 Thanks for the awesome post and great idea!

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