Wedding Gift: Name a Proxy Product After the Bride!

26 Jan

If you’ve ever shopped online or by catalogue before, you’ve noticed that companies tend to name their clothing products—the Jessica Pump, or the Victoria Dress, and so on. Well if you’re looking for a unique wedding gift for the bride-to-be, why not have a company name one of their products after her?

When it comes to Proxy Apparel’s mission is to employ and empower women in a sweatshop-free and sustainable world by partnering with women-owned, fair trade cooperatives in developing countries.  To take it a step further, Proxy is offering the opportunity for you to co-create their upcoming collection by naming a product in honor of a special woman in your life. Not only that, but Proxy will feature the story of what matters to her alongside the piece in their online shop and lookbook.

So how do you take part in the You Name It Campaign? Based on the pledge you give, which will go to directly funding their upcoming collection, you can select either the accessory or garment on a first-come-first-serve basis that you’d like to have named after the bride. The levels of commitment are as follows:

  • $50 An accessory of your choice from our recycled collection & special mention on our website & Facebook Page
  • $100 The above and an exclusive Proxy t-shirt designed for the You Name It Campaign
  • $250 The above and a featured garment from our upcoming collection
  • $500 The above and the right to name one of our upcoming products in honor of a special woman in your life, including a featured profile of her story in our on-line shop and lookbook
  • $1000 All of the above and we’ll dress you (or your honoree) head to toe in our Spring Collection

Empowering women while honoring the bride-to-be? Sounds like the perfect wedding gift to us!


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