Trash The Dress

28 Jan

Bridesmaid dresses get all the heat when it comes to the “you’ll never wear it again” stigma—but what about wedding gowns? You’ll REALLY never wear that again and, despite some women’s dreams, the chances of your daughter wanting to wear it on her wedding day are slim to none. While the sentimental argument for keeping it vacuum packed and stored away in the back of your closet is certainly valid, many brides are choosing to “trash the dress” in a post-wedding photo shoot.

From paint-covered, to water-drenched, to even dirt-stained, these photos from Marquin and Dan, Essential Moments Photos, Trash The Dress Europe, and Rachel Richter show the unique photo opportunity one can get from choosing to “trash the dress.”

What do you think? It’s certainly unconventional, and when most brides purchase their gown they probably aren’t envisioning it rolling around in the sand and water, but the photo potential is wonderful!


3 Responses to “Trash The Dress”

  1. Mrs Leanne B July 8, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    Selfish act of a ‘generation of possessions’ gone mad!
    There are young ladies out there struggling through life financially who long for a beautiful gown but settle for second best in the hope that one day their children will have better than they had.

    Why don’t these women who are ‘trashing their dress’ donate their dresses to the salvation army or other charity to be sold to someone less fortunate than themself or even put it on eBay so another bride to be can enjoy their beautiful gown.

    The current environment is all about what you have, how much you paid, and keeping ahead of the Joneses! Honestly ladies and gents, think of those less fortunate than you!

  2. sherville7 October 3, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    I love trash the dress shoots… but i couldn’t do it to my own wedding dress… hehe. well, i did have a similar shoot but i used a cheap gown i bought somewhere… ^_^


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