Flowers That Won’t Wilt: Bouquets from Paper, Gowns, & Glory

31 Jan

Lots of keepsakes can be savored from a wedding day—the dress can be stored in your closet, the top layer of the cake set aside in the freezer, an invitation displayed fondly on the refrigerator—but with their short lifespan, the flowers can only live on in pictures from the big day. That is, until now.

Charlestown-based company Paper, Gowns, & Glory creates beautiful keepsake bouquets in the form of hand-cut paper flowers that will never wilt, droop, or lose their petals. Made from acid-free and recycled stocks, these eco-friendly arrangements can replicate any flower, color, and blossom you desire.

Shipped with real flower boxes and the stems long, the display options are endless. After a wedding, newlyweds can choose to use the keepsake bouquet as a table centerpiece, to decorate a mantle, or to brighten up any room in the house.

For a lasting reminder of the big day, Paper, Gowns, & Glory’s paper bouquets can’t be beat! And attention all bridesmaids—if you’re looking for a wedding gift, consider giving a paper replica of the bride’s bouquet!


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