February Wedding Flowers

4 Feb

With Valentine’s Day smack-dab in the middle of it, the romance surrounding the month of February is undeniable. On that note, one of the most popular flower color options for bouquets and table arrangements is none other than red. This gorgeous bouquet pictured on Community LiveJournal shows one way to do a red bouquet without resorting to the obvious choice of roses.

Speaking of roses—when planning a February wedding, consider the possible raise in price of certain flowers around Valentine’s Day. Because of the high-demand for roses, florists often raise the price during that hectic mid-month phase. But if this doesn’t daunt you, roses truly make for a beautiful bouquet, as this picture from the Weddingbee boards shows.

If you want to veer from the reds and roses so closely associated with Valentine’s Day, consider a neutral bouquet like this one from Modern Eco Homes. Always a good choice during the winter months, neutral flowers are a beautiful addition to almost any bridal party.

Fresh Roses is a great website for finding other flower options in season during the month of February. Simply drag your mouse over the name of each flower to view pictures and figure out which could work for you in your wedding.


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