Staying Warm and Cozy with Etsy’s MeganFabulous

9 Feb

The Boston-based talent behind the Etsy shop meganfabulous has a self-described “SERIOUS knitting habit,” and, judging by her fingerless arm warmers, scarves, and flower pins, also a “SERIOUS” knitting talent. Using hand-spun, hand-dyed, and, when available, local fibers,meganfabulous knits up adorable accessories that would make for perfect bridesmaid gifts!

The hand-warmers and scarf pictured below would make a great gift, especially if your bridesmaids are from the North and having a snowy winter like we are here in Boston!

To style up any blazer or sweater, consider gifting these knitted flower pins.

Besides offering cute clothing accessories, meganfabulous also sells adorable felt acorns that would make an adorable addition to any table setting in an autumn wedding.

Cute, practical, and at a price that can’t be beat—check out meganfabulous during your wedding planning process!


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