DIY Wedding Day Makeup

17 Feb

Almost any bride will tell you that getting dressed and done up before the wedding is almost just as fun as the wedding itself! And while hair salons and make up artists can be a fun splurge, the budget-friendly alternative of DIY makeup can be just as successful!

We’ve put together some tips for achieving the perfect wedding day makeup look yourself:

  • Match your eye color NOT your dress color! One of the biggest mistakes girls make is choosing their eye shadow color based on what they’ll be wearing. Regardless of the color dress, the eye shadow that will look best on you is the shade that goes well with your eye color and skin tone. Check out the chart below from Mascara Envy to see which shades will work best for you–find the color that best matches your eyes and then look to the color directly across from that (your complimentary color) for your ideal shade of shadow. 
  • Don’t go overboard. Remember, you’re at a wedding, not a nightclub. While a smoky eye is a gorgeous option, avoid going too dark and drastic with the makeup.
  • Practice makes perfect. Instead of waiting until the morning of the wedding to experiment with makeup, be sure to practice before hand so that you can confidently achieve the look you want. Make an event out of it by getting all the bridesmaids together to play around with different looks or incorporate it into the bachelorette party!
  • Timing is everything. If you apply your makeup too far in advance on the day of your wedding, you risk fading and smudging by the time the photos are being taken and the ceremony is underway. For a fresh look, apply makeup as close to the ceremony as you feel comfortable.


Overwhelmed? Never been one of those girly-girls who seems to have been born with mascara in hand? Well there’s no need to stress, YouTube is here to the rescue! Countless tutorials can be found for just about any look, so take some time to browse around. To start you off here are some beautiful wedding day looks that top our list:


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