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Valentine’s Day Nuptials

14 Feb

With the exception of your anniversary, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the most romantic day of the year for couples. With Cupid on the hunt with his bow and arrow, it’s no surprise that many guys pop the question on February 14th and many couples choose this day to tie the knot.

And speaking of “the knot,” the wedding pros over at The Knot are helping 14 couples wed today atop the Empire State building. A press release yesterday gave all the wonderful details:

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — On Valentine’s Day, 14 lucky couples from around the country will say “I do” at the 17th Annual Empire State Building & Valentine’s Day Weddings Event in New York City. The winning couples, selected in a nationwide contest hosted on, the #1 online wedding planning resource, will exchange vows in individual ceremonies on February 14, 2011, the only day the iconic Empire State Building (ESB) hosts weddings. One Grand Prize winning couple, U.S. Air Force Captain John Wu and Stephanie Hull of Louisville, KY, will receive a special sunrise ceremony at the 86th floor Observatory, and a Luxury Included® Honeymoon at Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas, with airfare provided by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism…

“By working with the Empire State Building, we’re thrilled to provide 14 deserving couples a special wedding ceremony atop one of the world’s most romantic and iconic buildings – and what’s more romantic than getting married overlooking New York City on Valentine’s Day!”

To view stories and photos of the winning couples, visit

Happy Valentine’s Day and congratulations to all the newly-engaged and newly-wed couples out there!

How are you spending your V-Tine’s day? Big plans with someone special or celebrating the single life with your girlfriends?



Devastating Fire Results in Inspiring Donation Movement

3 Feb

Every bride hopes for her wedding to go off without a hitch, but happens when the big day plans go up in flames—literally? What could have spelled disaster for brides purchasing their dress from Eva’s Bridals of Oak Lawn, IL, turned into a rallying of support from the bridal community when the boutique burned down in November.

As recounted by My Fox Chicago, Casie Aulisa saw the flames as she pulled up in front of Eva’s Bridals to pick up her gown. With her wedding just days away, emotions ran high.

“I want to be that princess for a day and it’s really hard,” Aulisa said. “I mean, there’s worse things in the world, but it was a big princess strapless ball gown with vintage lace. So very pretty. And now it’s gone.”

The potential tragedy was avoided, and the wedding days of brides like Aulisa would still have a happy ending, as the community rallied with support. As reported by Mokena Patch, the nearby Pink Slip Boutique asked former brides to donate their wedding dresses to the many women whose dresses had burned. By reaching out to local newspapers, websites, and even ABC 7, the boutique ended up with 40 dresses, while an online spreadsheet garnered around 400 donors. Complete with size information, contact info, and detailed descriptions of the dresses, the spreadsheet ensured that all brides suffering the loss of Eva’s Bridal would find the dress of their dreams for their big day.

If this story doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will! Not only is it a triumphing wedding story over the many bridezilla sagas, but it also goes to show the difference that can be made when you donate a dress. These women cherished their memories in the gown and are now giving other brides the chance to do the same!

Dancing Your Way to the Altar

20 Jan

With over 60 million views, this YouTube video of a wedding party dancing down the aisle to “Forever” has been running rampant across the internet for the passed year and a half. And with one of the most fun wedding entrances to be caught on film, it’s no wonder this bridal party has reached viral video fame!

We love the elegance of a traditional wedding entrance but there’s certainly something to be said for the creativity of dancing to the altar! What do you think?


Flash Mob Wedding at the Pru

10 Jan

Usually used a PR stunt or performance opportunity for dance troops, flash mobs have apparently now been adopted by the wedding community. Last week at the Prudential Center in Boston, Jon and Caroline Kleiman, accompanied by 60 guests, a choir, and anyone shopping at the mall that day, tied the knot in a public flash mob ceremony. What started out as some spirited singing of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” turned into a choreographed dance, and then with the unfurling of a white carpet aisle, suddenly unassuming shoppers were part of a wedding!

This brings whole new meaning to a cost-effective wedding—just pick a mall, public building, or street and voila!, you’ve got yourself a free wedding venue! What do you think about this nontraditional knot tying? And were any of you  fellow Bostonians out there lucky enough to be shopping around the Pru for this flash mob?

Viral Love Letter: Do We Sense a New Trend in Wedding Proposals?

8 Dec

Why use snail mail, e-mail, phone calls, or even texting to let someone know you love them when you can upload a song to YouTube and simply let the video go viral across the web? Last Monday, Los Angeles resident Walter May, with the help of his band mates, uploaded a musical love letter to YouTube in hopes that it would go viral, eventually reaching his girlfriend Alexis, who had just moved across country for graduate school.

As reported by Abc News, May wanted for the video to reach his girlfriend “organically,” and therefore made sure that none of her friends or his shared the video with her. After two days and 140,000 views on YouTube, it had gone viral throughout social media outlets, and Alexis finally came across the video.

Do we sense a hint of publicity stunt for May’s band The Daylights? Maybe a little. But the romance behind the idea is certainly not lost. As far as creatively expressing your love, “I Hope This Gets to You” certainly takes the cake. So could this become the wedding proposal trend of the technology age? Would you say “yes” to a catchy YouTube of your love getting down on bended knee?

Reduce, reuse, pre-cyle?

23 Sep

The interweb has been replete lately with articles on how to reduce, reuse and recycle — or even, um, sort of “pre-cycle” — wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

In July, Jennifer Saranow Schultz explored the pre-sale trend wherein brides are starting to sell their dresses before they wear them.  Using traditional bridal consignment sites, brides are considering the pre-sale as part of staying within budget.  One bride describes her choice this way:

Kourtney James, 30, a lawyer in Houston, had budgeted about $1,500 for a dress but fell in love with an Angel Sanchez strapless gown that cost $3,300. Now Ms. James, who is paying for her wedding with her fiancé, hopes to sell the dress for $1,650 before her August wedding. “If I can secure a buyer before the wedding occurs, it takes a lot of the pressure off,” Ms. James said.

A used dress generally sells for about 50 percent off retail, whether sold before or after the wedding. But brides see an advantage to selling before the wedding because the styles are still current and other brides often can try on the same dress in stores. That, they say, enhances the likelihood of a quick sale.

Of course, ya gotta be careful with that white dress.  No dust bunnies or smushed mellowcreme pumpkins in one’s train (we digress: this is a pre-wedding pre-worry).  You’d need to avoid red wine like you would a champagne hangover and threaten one’s new lifelong partner with sudden death if one drop of delicious buttercream strays from its fork-to-mouth course.

Like this couple.

We were glad to see that the folks at MSN Money thought it was worth talking ’bout, too.  They wisely noted that frugality doesn’t a hit reality show make.  True.  Sigh.  Oh, well. We think saving money and being a not-crazy-person are both cool things.

Schultz noted that some sites are starting to focus on bridesmaid dresses and other wedding sundries.  Does anyone have any experience with pre-selling bridesmaid dresses? Was it awesome? Way too complicated?  We’d love your comments!