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Boston Brides on the Move

21 Sep

We had a great time meeting brides and their support teams in Boston back in August! Literally thousands of women ran through the doors at the Hynes Convention Center to find the perfect dress.  Linda, a bride-to-be from Boston, won a $50 Filene’s gift card from Bridesmaid Trade.  Even better, she could use it that morning on her dress!


And they’re off…

29 Jul

Hi everyone!

Right about now, brides and their teams in the DC area are putting last minute touches on some very important strategy. Nope, not the seating chart.  Filene’s Basement’s “Running of the Brides” extravaganza is tomorrow morning!!  It’s a bride’s chance to find a “dream dress at a bargain price”, as for one day only,  Filene’s stocks the place with hand-picked couture dresses at ridiculously low prices.

A couple of my favorite “FAQ’s” from the website:

What happens when the doors open? Customers run full speed to the racks; they grab as many dresses as their arms will hold. It takes less than sixty seconds for the racks to be stripped bare; the record is 36 seconds. The brides-to-be stake out a spot on the selling floor, preferably in front of a mirror, and start trying on dresses.

Should I bring help?
Definitely bring help—your mother, bridal party, a style-savvy friend. You need people to help grab gowns off the racks, make trades with other parties, help you in and out of the dresses, and guard the ones in your “maybe” pile from prowlers. It’s a good idea to have a team “uniform”—something that will help you find each other in the crowd, like wearing the same color shirts or big hats. Some teams get very creative. They print their team name on t-shirts, carry whistles or walkie-talkies, and so on. Some teams have strategy meetings before the sale; one woman created a Power-Point presentation for her team all about the dress she wanted.


This kind of enthusiasm – teamwork! stragegy! matching T-shirts! – to find a great dress at a fraction of the price… we can get behind that here at Bridesmaid Trade (but we refuse to get in front!!).  We’re heading to DC this morning, and tonight and tomorrow, we’ll mingle with the brides and teams staking a spot outside the Mazza Gallerie.  We have a hunch that if you appreciate a bargain on a wedding gown, you might appreciate finding bridesmaid dresses for less, too!  (Did we mention we’ve got some great new dresses up?)

If you know anyone in DC who’s  tell them to keep an eye out for Bridesmaid Trade!  They’ll be glad they did…we’re giving away a $50 gift card to Filene’s to one lucky bride.  Brides-to-be: our fingers are crossed you find a dress you love!

Bridesmaid Trade Team