When The Bride Isn’t The Only One In White…

13 Jan

It’s an unspoken rule that if you’re a guest at a wedding, you most certainly do not wear white. But what about if the bride requests it? Although not the most popular option, there are brides who choose to dress their bridal party in white. With the groomsmen all in black and the bridesmaids all in white, this color choice can create a beautiful, clean symmetry within in the wedding party, as pictured in this photo from Photo Net.

The key to making white bridesmaid dresses work is to differentiate them from the wedding gown. If the styles are too similar, it’ll look like one big lineup of brides at the altar. In this picture from WeddingPaperDivas, coral accents on the bridesmaid dresses make them stand apart from the bride’s gown—and we love the uniqueness of each one!

In these pictures from W-Wedding Gowns are more examples of differentiating the white bridesmaid dresses from the wedding gown. The short bridesmaid dresses paired with colorful shoes and necklaces help the bride in her long gown to not get lost in the crowd.

In this case, the bride has chosen an off-white dress for herself. Combined with the beach setting, the white bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous!

If you want to dare to don white, look no further than Bridesmaid Trade! With the current snow storm in Boston, we’ve got white on the mind and the perfect white dress for you. THIS BCBG Max Azria dress would be a beautiful option for a bridesmaid because of its short and casual design which will differentiate itself from most wedding gowns.



Barefoot Sandals for Bridesmaids

12 Jan

Beach nuptials are a popular option during the summer months or for destination weddings, and with all that sand, the choice in shoes (or lack of shoes) is extremely important! Many brides and bridal parties choose to go barefoot. Seen here in her 2010 wedding to Brian Austin Green, the beautiful Megan Fox opts for the shoeless look.

Another great option, somewhere between fancy sandal and casual barefoot, is foot jewelry made to look like the straps of a sandal. These “barefoot sandals” can be found in any color or beading design to match any bridesmaid dress.

For online vendors, check out Jewels By Jan and Etsy vendor BrilliantBarefoots. Both offer a wide variety of barefoot sandals for $25-$50.

If you’ve dabbled in jewelry-making before and want to get your DIY on, take a note from this barefoot DIY wedding pictured on Weddingbee. Just go to your local craft store, pick out some of your favorite beads, and string together these strappy barefoot sandals!

If you’re planning for a beach wedding, also consider giving this foot jewelry piece as a bridesmaid gift to your bridal party—they’re reasonably priced and an adorable addition to any wedding on the sand!

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”: For Those With a Sense of Humor

11 Jan

From the sentimental, to the casual, and on to the creative, there are tons of ways to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid in your wedding. Well today, we’ve got an idea for the comedians out there.

We all know the old stereotype that bridesmaid dresses are notoriously heinous, so to make your favorite ladies laugh while (of course) emphatically agreeing to join your bridal party, make some cards that give homage to the worst of the worst dresses to ever walk the aisle.

Start by searching the web for some ridiculously bad bridesmaid dress pictures. UglyDress.Com and TackyWeddings.Com are great places to start, and trust us—perusing the pictures is half the fun of making the cards! Also be sure to check out these “beauties”:

Yes, you’re seeing this correctly. That’s a three-piece dress complete with bra top and water swimmies.

In defense of the dresses from this next photo, it was probably the 80s, and let’s face it, there were very, VERY few good fashion decisions during this decade.

We know all eyes are supposed to be on the bride, but these bridesmaid dresses are like a bad car wreck—you just can’t look away!

When you’ve printed out the most cringe-worthy of bridesmaid dresses, get creative with some colored construction paper and pens. Decorate your cards however you want and write something funny to go along with the picture like “I know you’ve secretly always wanted to wear a neon pink belly-exposing tutu dress, so will you be my bridesmaid?” or “These women loved the brides enough to wear the most awful of dresses. Well I love YOU enough to never make you wear anything of the sort! Will you be my bridesmaid?”

After the invites have been delivered and you’ve assembled your bridal party, be sure to hop on over to Bridesmaid Trade and pick out some dresses that WON’T make everyone cringe. While bad dresses are funny to look at on the internet, you certainly will want to find beautiful dresses for your favorite girls!

Flash Mob Wedding at the Pru

10 Jan

Usually used a PR stunt or performance opportunity for dance troops, flash mobs have apparently now been adopted by the wedding community. Last week at the Prudential Center in Boston, Jon and Caroline Kleiman, accompanied by 60 guests, a choir, and anyone shopping at the mall that day, tied the knot in a public flash mob ceremony. What started out as some spirited singing of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” turned into a choreographed dance, and then with the unfurling of a white carpet aisle, suddenly unassuming shoppers were part of a wedding!

This brings whole new meaning to a cost-effective wedding—just pick a mall, public building, or street and voila!, you’ve got yourself a free wedding venue! What do you think about this nontraditional knot tying? And were any of you  fellow Bostonians out there lucky enough to be shopping around the Pru for this flash mob?

Seashell Wedding Bouquets

7 Jan

Is it summer yet? It’s only January, and the Boston winter is far from over, but we’re in serious need of a little reminder of the warmer months. With that said, bring on the seashell wedding bouquets!

Whether used as accents or as a complete replacement for flowers, seashells great to consider while planning for your summer wedding.

This photo from W Wedding Flowers is a stunning example of how to use seashells in a bouquet void of flowers.

To use shells as an accent to your flower bouquet, consider starfish—we love this rose, shell, and starfish bouquet!

Are you a fan of larger shells? These bouquets from Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas are unique and beachy, perfect for a summer wedding.

What accents would you add to your big day bouquet?

Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift with Etsy Vendor MelodyJoy1983

6 Jan

Look no further than melodyjoy1983 for adorable hand-knit cowls that make the perfect affordable gift for your bridesmaids, your friends, and—of course—yourself! With a wide variety to choose from and the option for customized items, you can have personalized cowls made to match each bridesmaid’s personality and favorite colors.

And to make these gifts too-good-to-be-true, a discount is available for all the Bridesmaid Trade fans out there! For a 10% discount off of 1 item, 20% off two, 30% off 3, 40% off 4, or a whole 50% off 5, just mention Bridesmaid Trade during your checkout. After you’ve checked out, the discount will be added to your total accordingly.

For more details on this awesome Etsy store, we asked the talent behind it, Melody, to break down the process, inspiration sources, and her own bridesmaid and wedding gift experiences!

Bridesmaid Trade: What made you decide to start your Etsy store?

Melody: I am a stay at home mom and enjoy having a creative outlet. I love being able to create things while my boys are sleeping. I started my store a year ago this January and have loved making things for people to enjoy!

Bridesmaid Trade: How long have you been making cowl scarves for and do you make any other clothing/accessories?

Melody: My Nonna (Italian grandmother) taught me to knit when I was about 5, but just within the past couple of years I have learned to really enjoy knitting. I am currently working on several new accessories…a few of my favorites new things (soon to come to my shop) are legwarmers, fingerless mittens and headbands!

Bridesmaid Trade: What’s the process of making your cowls like?

Melody: I enjoy putting colors together and the actual knitting process. It is quite therapeutic! I taught my husband to knit once on a rainy day when we were stuck inside, so now many nights after the boys have gone to bed, we will knit and talk about the day together. It’s a great way to unwind.

Bridesmaid Trade: Where do you get ideas/inspiration for your cowl designs?

Melody: I love getting ideas from other Etsy designers! I have several friends who have bought accessories for their bridesmaids and for their own wedding from Etsy vendors who customize gifts for them.

Bridesmaid Trade: These cowls would make adorable bridesmaid gifts for a bride-to-be; have you been a bridesmaid before? If so, what gifts did you receive? What did you gift to your bridal party when you got married?

Melody: Thanks! I have definitely been a bridesmaid before, as well as a bride! I enjoyed receiving personalized gifts, something that the bride put thought into without having to “break the bank” For my own wedding, I had made different necklaces and earrings for my bridesmaids so that they could wear them for the wedding. Several of them still wear them to this day so that makes me happy. I would be honored to customize something special for a bride and her special bridesmaids.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to one of Bridesmaid Trade’s favorite Etsy vendors, melodyjoy1983, and get your (discounted!) customized bridesmaid gifts!


Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

5 Jan

While the norm for bridesmaid dresses is a solid color with at most a sash or small detailing of another hue, don’t rule out patterned dresses for your bridal party! Whether using a patterned dress to make your Maid of Honor stand out, or suiting up all the girls in varied colors, this option for bridesmaids has adorable potential.

This gorgeous bridal party pictured on the Weddingbee boards is a perfect example of how patterned bridesmaid dresses can really make the bride’s solid white gown stand out.

And while this picture from Manolo Brides may be showcasing those pricey shoes, we’re loving the mix-matched patterned bridesmaid dresses. Proof that there can be cohesion amongst varying patterns!

This photo by Kate Murphy Photography shows dresses in a gorgeous mix of the cool colors—blue, purple, and green.

What to recreate the look for less? Look no further than Bridesmaid Trade!

THIS strapless pink print dress would be perfect for a casual summer wedding.

THIS dress is a perfect combination of pattern and green!

Want a bohemian-inspired wedding? THIS is your perfect bridesmaid dress!

What do you think? Would you stray away from the tradition solid color and venture into patterned dresses?