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One-derful One-Shoulder Dresses

13 Dec

Last Spring one-shoulder dresses burst onto the fashion scene and there’s been no sign of slowing for this trend. From celebrities like Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Rachel Bilson, to our nation’s first lady, Michelle Obama, one-shoulder dresses have been in the spotlight consistently this year.

From the red carpet to the wedding chapel, one shoulder dresses are now a popular choice for bridesmaids. This bridal party photographed on Thread Bridesmaid looks ADORABLE in deep peach one-shoulder dresses with bow detailing on the shoulder.

To get this look for less, look no farther than Bridesmaid Trade!

THIS stunning floor-length Alvina Valenta dress in a size 8 would dazzle in any bridal party.

We love the twisted shoulder strap on THIS Charsa dress in light green.

The exposed shoulder on THIS Alfred Angelo black bridesmaid goes beautifully with the bodice detailing.

What do you think—is the one-shoulder trend here to stay?


A Dress of Honor for the Maid of Honor

2 Dec

If you recall last month’s blog post on Color Runs, it’s not uncommon to ditch the monochromatic bridesmaid dress theme in favor of individualizing colors, shades, and styles for each girl. In a sort of reconciliation between the tradition and the color run, another option is to put just the Maid of Honor in a dress of a different shade or color. Think of it as just another way to honor your number one girl!

The first way to go about this is to put the Maid of Honor in the same dress as the bridesmaids, just in a different color or pattern. These ideas from Durham Region News and Weddingbee are some adorable examples:

Another way to go is to put the Maid of Honor in a completely different dress from the other bridesmaids. These examples from The Knot show both differentiation by dress color and style:

Yet another option is to go a subtler route by simply adding a sash or shawl to the Maid of Honor’s dress. This is a great option if you have a smaller bridal party because it allows for cohesion among the bridal party while still distinguishing the Maid of Honor. Check out these ideas from The Knot and Weddingbee for inspiration!

Bridesmaid Trade is a great place to start if you’re thinking of incorporating this idea into your bridal party dress theme! How about selecting THESE gorgeous Mori Lee gowns in blush with a champagne sash for your bridesmaids and THIS gown in a champagne beige for your Maid of Honor—the sashes matched with the Maid of Honor dress will create a cohesive bridal party color scheme while still distinguishing your number one girl!

Tell us about your bridal party dress color theme—are you going to stick with a monochromatic scheme or switch up the Maid of Honor’s dress?


Color Spotlight: Bold and Beautiful in Red

19 Nov

From a bold color statement with a fire engine red dress, to a more muted burgundy hue, shades of red are a beautiful option for bridesmaid dresses. Red is undoubtedly the color of the holiday season, so what better way to bring in the upcoming festivities than with a slew of gorgeous ruby gowns? This outdoor picture from Quality Wedding Dress shows just how striking a red bridal party can look in these cold-weather months.

In this picture from LI Weddings, the red dresses go perfectly with the formality of the ceremony’s surroundings.

Red’s not just for formal, winter weddings, though—this adorable picture from True Bride shows how the bold color can translate into summer weddings.

If you’re opting for this bold and elegant bridesmaid dress color, look no further than Bridesmaid Trade! THIS bright Jessica McClintock dress in size 4 comes with a matching red shawl, making it the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

THIS Alfred Angelo satin dress in size 8 is another gorgeous option and features the always-flattering sweetheart neckline.

If you’re leaning towards a lighter shade of red, THIS J. Crew dress in size 12 is a lovely berry color.

Bridesmaid Dresses in Neutrals: Champagne, Beige, and Pale Gold

10 Nov

One option for a bridesmaid dress color is barely even a color at all. Just one step up from white, choosing a neutral color such as beige, pale gold, or the increasingly popular “champagne,” can result in beautiful bridal party color palette. The neutral bridesmaid dresses, next to the white of the bride’s dress and the bold black of the groomsmen’s tuxedos, is the perfect picture of elegance and timelessness. And depending on the fabric and length of the dress, these neutral colors translate across all four seasons. While pastels might not have a place in winter weddings, and deep colors can seem out of place in the spring, neutrals can look gorgeous in any ceremony, regardless of season.

These pictures, from Weddingbee and the groom-written wedding blog Romance Fire, show how beautifully this color can tie a bridal party together.

So where to begin? Look no farther than Bridesmaid Trade! This beautiful beige/gold Vera Wang and ivory/champagne Group USA would be great for a spring or summer wedding because of the shorter length.











For fall and winter weddings, a full length can be an elegant choice. This champagne dress from David’s Bridal, and these Mori Lee gowns (there are four in the set) in praline are all amazing options for a fraction of their original price at Bridesmaid Trade!











Sash-ing Up a Bridesmaid Dress: Fun DIY and Easy Style Upgrade

9 Nov

Adding a sash to a bridesmaid dress is a wonderful way to either introduce another color into the scheme, or to take a simple dress design and add a little extra flair. While in general, adding a sash works best with empire-waist or fitted dress, adjusting the width and embellishment can make sashes an option for almost every design. Another way to utilize a sash is for the bride to wear a sash from the same color family as her bridesmaids’ dresses. This ties the whole bridal party together beautifully! For celebrity inspiration, check out Khloe Kardashian’s adorable purple color scheme:

While there are many thrifty options for purchasing sashes for your dresses (check out The White Aisle for basic colors and Nimli for an organic option in over 100 different colors), dress sashes can also be a fun DIY project for the entire bridal party. Altererd Cloth has one of the best step-by-step guides for sewing your own simple sash. All you need is 2 yards of fabric (Altered Cloth suggests silk twill or silk charmeuse, but it all depends on the material of the dress), and a sewing machine (or needle and thread if you’re feeling ambitious!).

There are also lots of creative ideas for embellishing sashes if you want to go beyond the basic fabric sash. I LOVE this idea from Classic Bride, where you take a bracelet or piece of vintage jewelry, and string a ribbon through it to make an instant embellished bridal sash. Fellow wedding blogger Princess Panda has a wonderful post on bejeweled wedding sashes, with some pictures of designer inspiration.

If you love the sash idea, Bridesmaid Trade has some wonderful dress options! This adorable J Crew strapless dress in “Spiced Wine” pink is my personal favorite candidate for a sash—I’m thinking an off-white ribbon with some vintage embellishment, but the possibilities are endless!

“I’d Like to Make a Toast…”: The Basic How-To’s of Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

26 Oct

Cling cling cling. The glass is tapped, the room goes silent, and this is the one part of the night when everyone’s eyes are on the Maid of Honor, rather than on the bride. It’s time for the traditional Maid of Honor speech—no pressure, right?

Well fear not, because we’ve broken down the do’s and don’ts of putting together the perfect speech for toasting your number one girl and her new partner. From personal experience, from collecting the best suggestions from Love To Know Weddings and Bridesmaid 101, here are the basics to giving a Maid of Honor speech:

  • Keep Your Audience in Mind The Maid of Honor speech is traditionally given during the first portion of the wedding reception, so you’ll be speaking to grandparents, children, best friends, siblings, and everyone in between. Avoid controversial topics like politics or religion, and keep in mind that the bride’s new family-in-law is present. Cracking jokes is great, but avoid any that have to do with past relationships or instances that would make the bride feel uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for the Maid of Honor or other bridesmaids to give speeches during the bachelorette party as well, so maybe save your story about that one crazy night in college for that audience!
  • Aim for Short and Sweet We know it can be hard to squeeze all the wonderful things you have to say about the new couple into a brief toast, but try to keep it under 5 minutes. You don’t want to lose the attention of the room, and—especially if there’s a plate of food in front of everyone—more than five minutes will seem too long.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Even if you’re a confident public speaker and plan on adlibbing and just speaking from the heart when the moment comes, you should still have a general idea of a few points you want to touch upon. Whether it’s a childhood story with the bride you want to share, or a remark about the couple’s chemistry, run it by another person before the big day. Getting an outside opinion is the best way to gauge what the wedding party’s feedback will be when you actually give the speech.
  • Be True to You Don’t feel pressured to give a knee-slapping, sidesplitting, hilarious speech if comedy isn’t your thing. Likewise, if you’re a goofy jokester, don’t feel pressured to go up there and recite a line of Shakespeare and speak in depth of the seriousness of love and marriage. It will seem forced if you’re not true to you, and the most important part of the Maid of Honor speech is that it comes from the heart. Be real—chances are you were chosen as the bride’s leading lady because she likes you and your style just the way it is.
  • Easy on the Alcohol The last thing you want is to get a little too tipsy! Slurred speech, giggles, unnecessary tears–all could spell disaster. A glass of wine to calm the nerves can be great, but save any additional drinks until after you deliver your speech.
  • Don’t Skim Over the Essentials As the pros over at The Knot will tell you, while originality and personalization is great, there are still a few points that should be covered in every toasting of the bride and groom. First off, introduce yourself for those in the room who don’t know your relationship to the bride, and thank the bride and groom for inviting you (and everyone else) to be part of such a special day in their lives. You might also want to mention how honored you are to have been chosen as Maid of Honor. Next, make sure to include well wishes for the couple’s future life together. This might include some words of advice, but if you’re not qualified to go there, don’t force it. When you conclude your speech, have some form of the traditional raising of the glass and say “to [insert the couple’s names here]!”

For a great example, check out this YouTube Video. Short, from the heart, hits the essentials, and even provokes some laughs—we think you’ll agree that this Matron of Honor nails it!

Any tips of your own? Share with us your wedding toast stories—the good and the cringe-worthy!

“Color Runs”: Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box

19 Oct

When deciding on a color theme for bridesmaid dresses, a bride-to-be has more to consider than simply hmm, what’s my favorite color? Not only should the wedding party’s attire traditionally be coherent with the overall ceremony and reception color palette, but the body shape, skin tone, and hair coloring of the bridesmaids should be kept in mind as well. And that gorgeous shade of pale pink, which may look stunning on your maid of honor, could be an unflattering choice for your fair-skinned, blonde bridesmaid. A possible solution can be found in the growing trend of a bridesmaid dress “color run.” As mentioned by Bridesmaid 101, with a color run, each bridesmaid wears the same dress (or same style of dress), but in a different color.

While there should still be some theme or coherence to the colors—you certainly don’t want clashing shades next to each other on the big day—a color run allows for some flexibility in matching each bridesmaid with a flattering dress. So how do you pair the perfect color with a bridesmaid’s skin tone? A seasonal color analysis is a fun, simple way to sort the flattering from unflattering. TheChicFashionista provides a detailed description of the logic behind such an analysis, as well as provides the following chart for easily determining if you’re a “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” or “Autumn.”

Once you’ve figured out your season, it’s time to explore your best colors! The concept behind the seasonal analysis is that a “Winter” will look best in cool, clear, dark “winter” colors, whereas a “Summer” will look best in “summer” colors (think pastels or muted shades). Style Makeover HQ provides these great color swatches for easily spotting your season’s best hues:

Winter Colors:                                                     Spring Colors:

Summer Colors:                                                  Autumn Colors:


If you’re considering a color run, Bridesmaid Trade makes finding dresses easy with search options by color, as well as by style. We know that on the big day, it all comes down to the lady in white, but that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids shouldn’t be looking their best! And, as put by Creators.Com writer Amy Winter, in an article for Leader Post, “Bridesmaids can monitor cost better if they are given the opportunity to pick their own dresses.” A win-win for all, color runs are a fun idea for flattering each bridesmaid and breaking away from the traditional monochromatic bridal party attire.