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Brightening Up a Black Bridesmaid Dress

26 Nov

On Black Friday it seems only right to focus on bridesmaid dresses of the same color! Always elegant, and always flattering, black bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice, especially for formal weddings. There can be some hesitation in using black on the big day because of its association with funerals, but an easy way to avoid the comparison is by adding a pop of color with the bridesmaids’ flowers. In this photo from Wedding In The Box, the bright pink flowers make this bridal party look anything but somber:

This real wedding featured on Wedding Chicks also shows how black can be used in an elegant, but still cheerful way. The bright flowers and green sashes are gorgeous by themselves, and stand out even more against the black dresses.

Another great idea for brightening up black dresses comes via Weddingbee’s message board.  With each bridesmaid wearing a different color shoe with her short black dress, the color scheme becomes playful and bright.

This knee-length J Crew dress on Bridesmaid Trade would be perfect for showing off a fun pair of shoes.

For a more formal look, this classic floor length black dress from David’s Bridal is a perfect bridesmaid option.

Happy sale-hunting on this Black Friday! Share with us all the deals you snagged in preparation for your 2011 wedding!


Giveaway Week 3: Art Prints by Vol25

15 Nov

It’s that time of week again! Paired with some of our favorite Etsy vendors, we’ve given away jewelry, hand-pressed paper goods and, this week, art from Vol25! All you need to do in order to enter our Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid giveaway is retweet and follow @BridesmaidTrade on Twitter every Monday this month.

As described on the Vol25 site, the artist behind these prints is “constantly inspired by every day moments,” and it is these special moments that make these prints the perfect gift for both weddings and everyday. This “Hearts Can Build a Home” print would be perfect for a bride-to-be about to start a home with her new husband, and comes in various sizes, as well as a canvas option.


And this print, which can be customized with the newlyweds’ initials, is another wedding gift favorite.

With tons of prints to choose from, a gift from Vol25 is the perfect way to start off your week—whether you’ve got a wedding to attend or are just looking for a way to spruce up your walls!

Bridesmaid Dresses in Neutrals: Champagne, Beige, and Pale Gold

10 Nov

One option for a bridesmaid dress color is barely even a color at all. Just one step up from white, choosing a neutral color such as beige, pale gold, or the increasingly popular “champagne,” can result in beautiful bridal party color palette. The neutral bridesmaid dresses, next to the white of the bride’s dress and the bold black of the groomsmen’s tuxedos, is the perfect picture of elegance and timelessness. And depending on the fabric and length of the dress, these neutral colors translate across all four seasons. While pastels might not have a place in winter weddings, and deep colors can seem out of place in the spring, neutrals can look gorgeous in any ceremony, regardless of season.

These pictures, from Weddingbee and the groom-written wedding blog Romance Fire, show how beautifully this color can tie a bridal party together.

So where to begin? Look no farther than Bridesmaid Trade! This beautiful beige/gold Vera Wang and ivory/champagne Group USA would be great for a spring or summer wedding because of the shorter length.











For fall and winter weddings, a full length can be an elegant choice. This champagne dress from David’s Bridal, and these Mori Lee gowns (there are four in the set) in praline are all amazing options for a fraction of their original price at Bridesmaid Trade!











Accessorizing the Dress with Sabtis Designs

3 Nov

While choosing the right dresses may be a bride-to-be’s primary concern when it comes to her bridesmaids, nothing pulls together a look like the perfect jewelry. Offering both custom bridal and everyday jewelry, Etsy vendor Sabtis Designs is the perfect destination for handcrafted pieces, and the perfect way for Bridesmaid Trade to start off our Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid month-long giveaway. On Monday, Twitter user @meKelsey re-tweeted and followed @BridesmaidTrade, and was randomly selected as the first lucky winner, taking home these two gorgeous pieces from Sabtis Designs.

With a father who’s been hunting and collecting gems for years, Estee, the talent behind Sabtis Designs, can’t even remember a time when she wasn’t interested in jewelry making. She recalls, “hearing stories about the exotic places they were from when I was growing up just started my imagination going.” This interest, combined with a self-described “deep and abiding love of weddings,” results in the beautiful Sabtis Designs jewelry, fitting for any bridesmaid or bride-to-be. And while, during her several stints as a bridesmaid, Estee took the customary backseat in selecting her dress (“It is her day and my whole job as a bridesmaid is to support the bride,” she explains), she has, on occasion, made the jewelry for her friends’ weddings.

So what’s a pro’s advice for pairing the right jewelry with a bridesmaid dress? Estee writes, “Don’t be afraid to go for color! Some of the best weddings I have been to are [the ones] where the bridesmaids all look AMAZING on their own and the bride is this beautiful ‘quiet moment’ centerpiece to the picture.” Working with a variety of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, glass, and a variety of metals, Sabtis Designs has jewelry that can both add the color to an outfit or accent an already vibrant bridesmaid dress.

Visit Sabtis Designs for your bridal and everyday jewelry needs, and be sure to check back with us on Monday for another fabulous giveaway from our favorite Etsy vendors!

“I’d Like to Make a Toast…”: The Basic How-To’s of Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

26 Oct

Cling cling cling. The glass is tapped, the room goes silent, and this is the one part of the night when everyone’s eyes are on the Maid of Honor, rather than on the bride. It’s time for the traditional Maid of Honor speech—no pressure, right?

Well fear not, because we’ve broken down the do’s and don’ts of putting together the perfect speech for toasting your number one girl and her new partner. From personal experience, from collecting the best suggestions from Love To Know Weddings and Bridesmaid 101, here are the basics to giving a Maid of Honor speech:

  • Keep Your Audience in Mind The Maid of Honor speech is traditionally given during the first portion of the wedding reception, so you’ll be speaking to grandparents, children, best friends, siblings, and everyone in between. Avoid controversial topics like politics or religion, and keep in mind that the bride’s new family-in-law is present. Cracking jokes is great, but avoid any that have to do with past relationships or instances that would make the bride feel uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for the Maid of Honor or other bridesmaids to give speeches during the bachelorette party as well, so maybe save your story about that one crazy night in college for that audience!
  • Aim for Short and Sweet We know it can be hard to squeeze all the wonderful things you have to say about the new couple into a brief toast, but try to keep it under 5 minutes. You don’t want to lose the attention of the room, and—especially if there’s a plate of food in front of everyone—more than five minutes will seem too long.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Even if you’re a confident public speaker and plan on adlibbing and just speaking from the heart when the moment comes, you should still have a general idea of a few points you want to touch upon. Whether it’s a childhood story with the bride you want to share, or a remark about the couple’s chemistry, run it by another person before the big day. Getting an outside opinion is the best way to gauge what the wedding party’s feedback will be when you actually give the speech.
  • Be True to You Don’t feel pressured to give a knee-slapping, sidesplitting, hilarious speech if comedy isn’t your thing. Likewise, if you’re a goofy jokester, don’t feel pressured to go up there and recite a line of Shakespeare and speak in depth of the seriousness of love and marriage. It will seem forced if you’re not true to you, and the most important part of the Maid of Honor speech is that it comes from the heart. Be real—chances are you were chosen as the bride’s leading lady because she likes you and your style just the way it is.
  • Easy on the Alcohol The last thing you want is to get a little too tipsy! Slurred speech, giggles, unnecessary tears–all could spell disaster. A glass of wine to calm the nerves can be great, but save any additional drinks until after you deliver your speech.
  • Don’t Skim Over the Essentials As the pros over at The Knot will tell you, while originality and personalization is great, there are still a few points that should be covered in every toasting of the bride and groom. First off, introduce yourself for those in the room who don’t know your relationship to the bride, and thank the bride and groom for inviting you (and everyone else) to be part of such a special day in their lives. You might also want to mention how honored you are to have been chosen as Maid of Honor. Next, make sure to include well wishes for the couple’s future life together. This might include some words of advice, but if you’re not qualified to go there, don’t force it. When you conclude your speech, have some form of the traditional raising of the glass and say “to [insert the couple’s names here]!”

For a great example, check out this YouTube Video. Short, from the heart, hits the essentials, and even provokes some laughs—we think you’ll agree that this Matron of Honor nails it!

Any tips of your own? Share with us your wedding toast stories—the good and the cringe-worthy!

Bachelorette Party Spotlight: Forget Hiring Dancers, Learn to Pole Dance Yourself!

23 Oct

What better way to guarantee a bachelorette party full of gut-busting laughs than to get the girls together for a group pole-dancing lesson? Once reserved for gentlemen’s clubs and Las Vegas, pole-dancing has become an increasingly mainstreamed fitness activity. Many dance studios now offer not only exercise classes centered around the pole, but pole-dancing parties for bachelorette groups, birthdays, and girls’ nights out. In fact, the growing popularity of spinnin’, twirlin’, and workin’ around the pole has led to the start of a petition to get pole-dancing made into an official Olympic event—yes, you read that correctly! And with the first annual American Pole Fitness Championships being held October 23,2010 (that’s today!), what better way to celebrate than with a group pole-dancing lesson bachelorette party!

Gyms and dance studios hosting such private party lessons can be found in major cities throughout the country, and there are two perfect options right here in Beantown! For $40/person, Gypsy Rose Dancing, located in Boston’s Back Bay, accommodates parties up to 24 participants and allows you to pick an hour and a half time slot anywhere from noon to midnight in order to accommodate both the tame bride-to-be, and the bachelorette who’s looking to take her newfound skill with her for a night on the town afterwards. Your party will learn “the supermodel strut,” along with a floor routine, three pole swings, and other exotic skills. Although the dance studio will provide you with the “proper” attire (short shorts and platform shoes are a must, ladies!), you can also opt to bring your own gear, which could be a fun opportunity for you and the girls to coordinate your most outlandish outfits for the occasion. At the end of the night, the bride-to-be will receive an official certificate stating that she is now an “Official Exotic Dancer”—a title that we’re sure her fiancé will support!

Depending on your location, SuperShag Dance Studios in Charlestown is another Boston outlet for a group pole dancing party. If you’re on a budget and have a large number of ladies attending the bachelorette party, this is a great option. They offer a flat rate of $250 or $300 (depending on the day), so the more ladies, the lower the cost per person! And it will be well worth it to see your favorite girls try their hand at working the pole—we’re willing to bet there are some hidden talents in the group waiting to be revealed! (And if not, you’re in for double the laughs—it’s a win-win for all.)

As if further convincing were even needed, it was recently reported by M&C News that former super model and icon Cindy Crawford says that one of her secrets to keeping her marriage “red hot” is by taking pole-dancing classes. So what better way to send off your favorite girl into the married life than with some new exotic dance skills?