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Something Old, Something New–Something Blue on Your Shoe?

11 Nov


I have a mildly unhealthy obsession with impractical designer shoes that I’ll never be able to afford, and my most recent object of desire are these blue sky-high pumps from Yves Saint Laurent:


The color blue has long been connected to weddings because of its association with fidelity, modesty, and love. So, inspired by my latest shoe lust, here are some ideas for using your shoes to fulfill the last part of the treasured saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”


  • Be True to Your Sole Louboutin may have ownership over the red sole,but how about painting the soles of your shoes blue? This idea is great if you’re wearing stilettos because the subtle flash of blue that can be seen from behind is just the right amount of color to enhance the outfit while not throwing off the wedding color scheme. If you want to make it into a DIY project, for only $2.25, you can buy leather paint from The Caning Shop, and they have several shades of blue to choose from. If you want to leave it up to the pros, contact The MasterCobbler—your shoes will be safe in their hands. There are also some styles of the Something Bleu brand that, true to their name, come with pale blue soles.

  • Two Words, Two Shoes—It’s Meant to Be! Blue “I Do” rhinestone stickersfor the bottom of wedding day shoes are a popular (and inexpensive) option for a “something blue.” They can be purchased from Good Things Wedding Favors for a mere $4.50! If you’re the DIY type, Glamour has a wonderful tutorial on using your own rhinestones and glue to get the job done.



  • A Twist on Tradition Although perhaps not the most well known of wedding day traditions, I’ve read about a signing of the bride’s shoes by all her bridesmaids. As explained by The Willrich Wedding Planner’s Blog, each bridesmaid signs the bottom of the bride’s shoes and the name that is most worn off the shoes by the end of the night is the name of the next girl to get married. If you choose to partake in this tradition, have your bridesmaids sign with a blue pen or marker and—voila!—something blue.

Of course, you could always opt to simply wear blue shoes, which is an especially cute idea if your bridesmaids’ dresses are blue, or the color is somehow incorporated into your overall wedding theme. If that’s the case, might I recommend the lovely (and slightly ridiculous) pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes from the start of the post? And might I also suggest buying an extra pair for me?



Bridesmaid Dresses in Neutrals: Champagne, Beige, and Pale Gold

10 Nov

One option for a bridesmaid dress color is barely even a color at all. Just one step up from white, choosing a neutral color such as beige, pale gold, or the increasingly popular “champagne,” can result in beautiful bridal party color palette. The neutral bridesmaid dresses, next to the white of the bride’s dress and the bold black of the groomsmen’s tuxedos, is the perfect picture of elegance and timelessness. And depending on the fabric and length of the dress, these neutral colors translate across all four seasons. While pastels might not have a place in winter weddings, and deep colors can seem out of place in the spring, neutrals can look gorgeous in any ceremony, regardless of season.

These pictures, from Weddingbee and the groom-written wedding blog Romance Fire, show how beautifully this color can tie a bridal party together.

So where to begin? Look no farther than Bridesmaid Trade! This beautiful beige/gold Vera Wang and ivory/champagne Group USA would be great for a spring or summer wedding because of the shorter length.











For fall and winter weddings, a full length can be an elegant choice. This champagne dress from David’s Bridal, and these Mori Lee gowns (there are four in the set) in praline are all amazing options for a fraction of their original price at Bridesmaid Trade!











Sash-ing Up a Bridesmaid Dress: Fun DIY and Easy Style Upgrade

9 Nov

Adding a sash to a bridesmaid dress is a wonderful way to either introduce another color into the scheme, or to take a simple dress design and add a little extra flair. While in general, adding a sash works best with empire-waist or fitted dress, adjusting the width and embellishment can make sashes an option for almost every design. Another way to utilize a sash is for the bride to wear a sash from the same color family as her bridesmaids’ dresses. This ties the whole bridal party together beautifully! For celebrity inspiration, check out Khloe Kardashian’s adorable purple color scheme:

While there are many thrifty options for purchasing sashes for your dresses (check out The White Aisle for basic colors and Nimli for an organic option in over 100 different colors), dress sashes can also be a fun DIY project for the entire bridal party. Altererd Cloth has one of the best step-by-step guides for sewing your own simple sash. All you need is 2 yards of fabric (Altered Cloth suggests silk twill or silk charmeuse, but it all depends on the material of the dress), and a sewing machine (or needle and thread if you’re feeling ambitious!).

There are also lots of creative ideas for embellishing sashes if you want to go beyond the basic fabric sash. I LOVE this idea from Classic Bride, where you take a bracelet or piece of vintage jewelry, and string a ribbon through it to make an instant embellished bridal sash. Fellow wedding blogger Princess Panda has a wonderful post on bejeweled wedding sashes, with some pictures of designer inspiration.

If you love the sash idea, Bridesmaid Trade has some wonderful dress options! This adorable J Crew strapless dress in “Spiced Wine” pink is my personal favorite candidate for a sash—I’m thinking an off-white ribbon with some vintage embellishment, but the possibilities are endless!

Accessorizing the Dress with Sabtis Designs

3 Nov

While choosing the right dresses may be a bride-to-be’s primary concern when it comes to her bridesmaids, nothing pulls together a look like the perfect jewelry. Offering both custom bridal and everyday jewelry, Etsy vendor Sabtis Designs is the perfect destination for handcrafted pieces, and the perfect way for Bridesmaid Trade to start off our Project Celebrate: Bridesmaid month-long giveaway. On Monday, Twitter user @meKelsey re-tweeted and followed @BridesmaidTrade, and was randomly selected as the first lucky winner, taking home these two gorgeous pieces from Sabtis Designs.

With a father who’s been hunting and collecting gems for years, Estee, the talent behind Sabtis Designs, can’t even remember a time when she wasn’t interested in jewelry making. She recalls, “hearing stories about the exotic places they were from when I was growing up just started my imagination going.” This interest, combined with a self-described “deep and abiding love of weddings,” results in the beautiful Sabtis Designs jewelry, fitting for any bridesmaid or bride-to-be. And while, during her several stints as a bridesmaid, Estee took the customary backseat in selecting her dress (“It is her day and my whole job as a bridesmaid is to support the bride,” she explains), she has, on occasion, made the jewelry for her friends’ weddings.

So what’s a pro’s advice for pairing the right jewelry with a bridesmaid dress? Estee writes, “Don’t be afraid to go for color! Some of the best weddings I have been to are [the ones] where the bridesmaids all look AMAZING on their own and the bride is this beautiful ‘quiet moment’ centerpiece to the picture.” Working with a variety of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, glass, and a variety of metals, Sabtis Designs has jewelry that can both add the color to an outfit or accent an already vibrant bridesmaid dress.

Visit Sabtis Designs for your bridal and everyday jewelry needs, and be sure to check back with us on Monday for another fabulous giveaway from our favorite Etsy vendors!

“Color Runs”: Thinking Outside of the Crayon Box

19 Oct

When deciding on a color theme for bridesmaid dresses, a bride-to-be has more to consider than simply hmm, what’s my favorite color? Not only should the wedding party’s attire traditionally be coherent with the overall ceremony and reception color palette, but the body shape, skin tone, and hair coloring of the bridesmaids should be kept in mind as well. And that gorgeous shade of pale pink, which may look stunning on your maid of honor, could be an unflattering choice for your fair-skinned, blonde bridesmaid. A possible solution can be found in the growing trend of a bridesmaid dress “color run.” As mentioned by Bridesmaid 101, with a color run, each bridesmaid wears the same dress (or same style of dress), but in a different color.

While there should still be some theme or coherence to the colors—you certainly don’t want clashing shades next to each other on the big day—a color run allows for some flexibility in matching each bridesmaid with a flattering dress. So how do you pair the perfect color with a bridesmaid’s skin tone? A seasonal color analysis is a fun, simple way to sort the flattering from unflattering. TheChicFashionista provides a detailed description of the logic behind such an analysis, as well as provides the following chart for easily determining if you’re a “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” or “Autumn.”

Once you’ve figured out your season, it’s time to explore your best colors! The concept behind the seasonal analysis is that a “Winter” will look best in cool, clear, dark “winter” colors, whereas a “Summer” will look best in “summer” colors (think pastels or muted shades). Style Makeover HQ provides these great color swatches for easily spotting your season’s best hues:

Winter Colors:                                                     Spring Colors:

Summer Colors:                                                  Autumn Colors:


If you’re considering a color run, Bridesmaid Trade makes finding dresses easy with search options by color, as well as by style. We know that on the big day, it all comes down to the lady in white, but that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids shouldn’t be looking their best! And, as put by Creators.Com writer Amy Winter, in an article for Leader Post, “Bridesmaids can monitor cost better if they are given the opportunity to pick their own dresses.” A win-win for all, color runs are a fun idea for flattering each bridesmaid and breaking away from the traditional monochromatic bridal party attire.

DIY: Gorgeous Wedding Hair without the Hair-Raising Prices

12 Oct

While entrusting your tresses to a professional can seem the safest way to avoid a bad hair day on the big day, don’t underestimate your hairstyling skills, ladies! We’ve been teasing, braiding, curling, straightening, and twirling our hair since the days of our first slumber party, so why not save some money and claim some bragging rights on the wedding day? The resources listed at the end of this post are great online tools for creating wedding day dos! And unless you’re a member of Lady Gaga’s bridal party, sometimes a simple, elegant hairstyle is the best option, and one that can easily be achieved without professional aid.

But just because you’re doing-it-yourself, doesn’t mean you should go without advice! With some help from the pros over at Do It Yourself Weddings, we’re providing you with the DIY hairstyling tips needed to achieve the perfect look.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Athletes practice before big games, singers practice before big performances, and do-it-yourself hairstylists should most definitely practice before the big day! Have at least one trial run before the wedding so that you can master the technique of the style you want to achieve and work out any kinks so that it’s smooth sailing at the wedding.
  • The early bird gets the worm—and has flat hair by the reception. Don’t do your hair more than a few hours before the wedding. Ever notice how after a night of dancing your hair never looks quite as good as when you first styled it? The same law applies here, and no amount of hairspray will change that. To ensure your hair hasn’t drooped or fallen flat before the “I do”s are even exchanged, plan ahead to do your hair within a few hours of go-time.
  • Before the dress, think zip-up, button-down, or robe. Have you ever tried to take off a t-shirt without messing up a freshly styled hairdo? It’s hard. Don’t attempt it on the big day. While doing your hair, make sure you wear an article of clothing that can be removed without pulling it over your head so that you don’t risk messing up your hair.
  • Keep accessories in mind. When deciding on wearing your hair up or down, consider your earrings. If you want to show them off, you mightoptfor an up-do. Also consider any hair accessories you might be wearing. If you want to take your empowered role as a do-it-yourselfer to the next level, you may want to make your own hair accessories. The Broke Ass Bride has some easy-to-make ideas that can really take your hairdo to thenext level!
  • It all comes back to the dress! (Doesn’t it always?) When deciding on a hairstyle, the dress must be a huge consideration. So before you even think about how to wear your hair, find the perfect dress at Bridesmaid Trade! Does it have an elaborate neckline or stunning back? Consider an up-do so that your hair doesn’t cover the dress or take away from its key details. Maybe it’s a strapless dress that beautifully shows off your shoulders and collarbone. If so, accentuate your good features and also opt for a chic bun or other such stylish up-do. A dress with a simple neckline could be the perfect opportunity to showcase your lovely locks and wear your hair down.

Step-by-step tutorials can be found to help you achieve almost any hairstyle. The following are great resources:

  • Johnny Lavoy, hairstylist for Ford Models, has a series of instructionalvideos for gorgeous ‘dos. Here are a few of his most wedding-worthy styles: Half-Up Half-DownBraided Ribbon Up-DoSupermodel Curls
  • Modern Salon.com features a Step-by-Step section with a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from—simple up-dos, loose curls, and even some wackier trends incase you are, in fact, attending Lady Gaga’s wedding.
  • Hairstyles Teacher.com features step-by-step instructions with pictures, perfect for bridesmaids.
  • Michael Angelo’s Chignon Bun –stylist Michael Angelo showsyou how to make a simple, elegant bun in this video tutorial.
  • Pin-up Hair Tutorials includes instructional videos for wearing your hair down or half-down.
  • Cosmo has a section of their website for how-to hair styles. The instructions aren’t as visual as other sites, but if you’re looking to emulate the hairdos of your favorite celebrities, this is a great start.